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Suterr's Flatland (suˈteɹ:)

A large plain stretching from the northwestern tip of the Anakrionian continent to the Dertii Mountain Range. Around 3000 or so kilometers in length and 5400 in width, the flatland is a particularily large one, though not host to much anything. There are some notable things, mostly three cities. All of these are near to the coast.  
  • New Suterr is the largest city in the flatland, and the one whose settlers first settled and named the area.
  • Niekan, a smaller city.
  • Vortlova, an even smaller city.
  • Geography

    A flat plain of nearly nothing but reddish-brown dirt and rock. There're very few meteor impacts too, since Ochtotne Prime has always had an atmosphere, even if not a human-breathable one until recently.   The one defining landmark is a smallish mountain, the Oupaid, which stands at a colossal 1.2km tall, and some four hundred or so wide, in a rough circle. There's not much here either, but it's there.   The flatland is flanked on three sides by the Anakrionian Sea, and is separated from the rest of the continent by the Dertii Mountain Range, to the southeast.


    Next to none. Even compared with the little amount of nature on the rest of the planet, Suterr's Flatland is nearly the same as before terraforming, atmosphere aside. The only places with any appreciable life are near cities, outposts, or the sea. There are a few extremophile insects and such around deeper into the region, but not many.   A notable exception are groups of camels. Brought by some eccentric when New Suterr was founded, they found the enviroment quite similar to their natural habitat. Now, they roam around, doing camel things, and return to the coast to feed and drink. The oceans around here are mainly freshwater, after all. There's quite the concentration on the Oupaid.

    Localized Phenomena

    There's a fair few duststorms around the region. Not too suprising, considering the flatness. Still, these winds come primarily from the sea surrounding the flatland, and can travel quite far, picking up a substantial amount of dust. This also serves as the reason the cities there are still domed, not unlike Lanfal City back before the terraforming was far enough along to allow breathable air. These winds don't reach the main continent of Anakrion due to the Dertii mountains blocking them, making Suterr's Flatland even more unique from the rest of the continent.

    Natural Resources

    The one thing that made the place actually worth settling. The flatlands have a frankly absurd amount of easily accessible raw materials and minerals. Some are especially valuable, like carbon, aluminium, silicon, and even some gold. These resources are near the surface, and quite plentiful. Why these are there is somewhat of a mystery, though many attribute it to a particularly big asteroid far in the past, as the resources are spread somewhat in line with continental drift patterns.   These resources are heavily mined, and contribute a lot to New Suterr's comparatively high wealth. They trade with them, and have stalwartly defended them from invaders seeking a slice of the rock pie, notably the Kingdom of Anakrion.


    Geologically, the area has been all around the world. Ochtotne Prime is a tectonically active world, after all. Its connection to the rest of Anakrion is also relatively recent. Only in the last 20 million or so years did it come into contact, having been separate until a collision which spawned the Dertii Range.   Human history-wise, the first settlements were some mining installations and such, mostly managed by the Kingdom Of Anakrion. Later on however, New Suterr would be founded. It took a lot of these installations under its control, which provoked the first war of three between the two powers. The war ended in a stalemate, with not many territorial concessions on either side, save for a few outposts in the Dertii mountains.
    "Oh behold, Quaken, Jon. The great Suterr's Flatland, mighty land of fuck-all."   "But really, there's next to nothing here but our target city, but it does look pretty good with the setting sun, doesn't it?."
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