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Dertii Mountain Range (Deɹti:)

A mountain range on Ochtotne Prime. Known as Dertii Peaks by the locals, this mountain range is situated some 280km from Lanfal City. It serves as the edge of the Kingdom Of Anakrion's borders in this direction. Some 1500km from the edge of the range lies New Suterr.


Somewhat rugged mountain range. Most mountains are at most three kilometers tall, but a few reach to the 4-5km range. The mountains are full of caves and crevasses, making for ideal hiding places for any fugitives.


While most of the planet has at least some marginal flora, the Dertii Peaks are completely devoid of life.

Localized Phenomena

Earthquakes happen at times, and a few mountains are dormant volcanoes, last erupted over 3000 years back.

Natural Resources

The caves allow easy access to raw materials for Lanfal City, even easier than the planetary ring.


Theorized as a relatively new range, owing to their sharp and rugged form. The mountains are approximated as over 400 million years old. Volcanic activity is not uncommon, and the last eruption was some 3000 years ago.
Alternative Name(s)
Dertii Peaks
Mountain Range
Location under
Included Locations

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