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New Suterr (suˈteɹ:)

A somewhat large city-state on Ochtotne Prime, specifically on the coast of the Anarkionian sea, at the edge of Suterr's Flatland. Some 1500 kilometers from the Dertii Mountain Range, and a bit more from Lanfal City. Is independent.


97% robotic. Since immigration to the planet is generally low anyway, population demographics stay very similar.


A president with a term of 5 years at a time. There's also a parliament-type structure, known as the Gathering, but that has gradually lost power and become more symbolic than anything.


Basic city defenses, like surface-to-orbit cannons, surface-to-air enplacements, and the airfield is capable of sending out military vehicles as well. The city also has a sizeable army, around 2% of their population being in active service. The city's also on barren plains, making it easy to defend.

Industry & Trade

Basic manufacturing and such. The city does produce a fair quality of raw materials, harvested from the high-quality ore deposits nearby. It trades these with roughly everyone nearby, including Lanfal City and Niekan. Its position by a coast also helps.


Basic. Roads, railways, and a small airport. There's a fair amount of public services, the buildings are kept functional, the city works. There aren't that many bigger buildings, but there's a few.


The city is near a coast, allowing access to the sea. It is also near some decent-quality ore deposits.


The original Suterr is a habitat in orbit of a planet called Niomenain, some 235 lightyears from Earth. That habitat was itself named after it's first leader, Eineon Suterr.   Founded in 2752, the city has been in relative comfort, a few succesfully repelled invasions from the neighboring Kingdom Of Anakrion notwithstanding. It has been just fine overall, and has managed to retain its independence.


Somewhat modern, comparable to modern day, though many structures are similar to commie blocks, or Khrushchyovka, of the 1960s. Due to the rock of Ochtotne Prime being a red-ish colour, this tints many of the buildings a reddish brown.


On the edge of a barren plain, named Suterr's Flatland. Near the coast of the Anakrionian sea.
Founding Date
530 thousand
Location under

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