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Ochtotne Prime

Assorted Structures of Human Space

HAST suit

Hi, i'm a guy, a standard guy. Hello.

Interests & Hobbies

Video games and books, mostly. I watch movies pretty often, and I paint warhammer 40k minis every now and then.

Favorite Movies

Lord of the Rings trilogy, star wars 1-6, The good, the bad, and the ugly. Really any good movies, I couldn't name every one I like.

Favorite TV Series

Jojo, Kill la Kill, Konosuba, and a few others.

Favorite Books

LotR, Revelation space, Foundation, Dune a few more. Sci-fi and occasionally fantasy.

Favorite Games

Stellaris, tf2, civ 5, Halo 3, Half-life 2, and plenty, plenty more. Strategy games and FPS games, mostly.

Latest Loved work

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2023: Looking Forward by Looking Back