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King of Anakrion (ænˈækriˈo:n)

The ruler of the Kingdom Of Anakrion. A democratically elected dictator, in essence. Term lasts for 50 years at a time.


Needs to have served in the Advisory Council first, as well as be an experienced politician. Having been in the military or another leadership position is helpful.


An age requirement of 70 years, as by then most people will have had experience in a variety of matters.
Note: due to most of the population being Sapient Synthetics, an age of 70 is not old at all. Biological humans also generally have access to life extension.


A ceremony is held in the King's Palace on Torgallon. There, the former king hands over the Crown of the Sovereign, a relic of Cellean origin. The new king then dons the crown, and at that moment, becomes king, officially. If this is not possible, then the current chairman of the Advisory Council preforms the coronation.


The king manages the affairs of the nation, internal and external. While there exist many organizations and offices for bureaucratic matters, the final say in any major matter lies with the king. The king is also a figurehead to the people, and the face of the kingdom to other nations, thus they must maintain a good reception. The king is also responsible for ultimate military command, if the nation is ever at war.


Being the ruler of the most powerful nation on Ochtotne Prime, the king has a massive amount of influence, even in other nations. They also have a large amount of wealth at their disposal, as well as the respect of the people (usually).

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Crown of the Sovereing. A relic of Cellean origin, fashioned sometime in the late 2400s. The crown can shine with an astonishingly bright light, and has all manner of advanced, hardly-understood (in the area) technology.   In addition, the king receives a special set of armour, passed down from past kings. This regal golden armour replaces whatever the king had before, and provides a level of protection not often seen on the planet.   The king receives a golden sword, too. A veritable mastercraft, again, for the region, the sword can cut through nearly any armour with little effort.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death or end of term is the primary cause of removal, but if need be, the Advisory council can hold a vote amongst the populace on the king's fate.


The rank emerged when the kingdom emerged, in the 2690s. Before that, Torgallon was run by a council, and that council still exists today, in the form of the Advisory council. The first King was Scintil Karkena, who founded the kingdom and ruled it for 18 years. There have been six kings after him, including Rexilis Ileas, the current , 7th, King, formerly Faestos Termen.   Here's a list of Kings, from first to latest.
  • Rexaen Prim (Scintil Karkena)
  • Rexo Vilianore (Golna Vellen)
  • Rexsen Lior (Fai Volonti)
  • Rexinnia De'Vaun (Illion Andre)
  • Rexamana Iter (Asi Mele)
  • Rexolan Kil (Linto Poio)
  • Rexilis Ileas (Faestos Termen)
  • Type
    Civic, Political
    Form of Address
    King, my King
    Equates to
    Essentially a dictator, albeit with no absolutely absolute power. Has to follow constitution, and has to often consult the Advisory Council in many things.
    Source of Authority
    Elected by people
    Length of Term
    50 years
    Current Holders
    Past Holders
    Related Locations
    Related Organizations

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