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Sword of a King

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The final part of the three- (four, in a way) part set of the King of Anakrion's panoply. Coupled with the Armour of a Lord and Crown of the Sovereing, this magnificently crafted sword, with technologies unreplicable in the region, even on Ak'Thakra, is the weapon of the King of Anakrion during wartime. Showcases a number of Anakrionian symbols, mainly the circle-and-star and String Jewelry.  


Constructed with a lightweight fibercarbon core and covered in good old steel, the blade is very well balanced and weighted. Swings are near effortlessly smooth, and the blade itself is very difficult to even nick or dent. Flexible, yet never permanently bending, it has remained through the centuries with remarkable little maintenance. It's an arming sword, categorically, though the handle has space for two whole hands. Or, as Rexilis prefers, it can also be wielded with one well enough.   The Sword is a Layered Chain Blade. Specifically, the generator is an exceptionally high-quality one, able to fit a whole nine chains into a space of about half a millimeter. With this, it cuts through all but the toughest reinforced materials like they weren't there. Steel, flesh, carbon form-plating, and hardened plasma are all the same to it.   The handle section of the blade incorporated some complex sensor systems, linking to the melee-focused Predictive Analysis Interface of the Crown of the Sovereign. There are other sensors, in both the Crown and the Armour, but the ones in the blade track the wielder's swings. It also has strange self-repair properties advanced even for the empire it was made in. Of course, this would be rather easy to replicate in the Core Worlds, march of technology and all.  


The Sword is styled in a very Anakrionian way. Intricate engravings of flame and star patterns line its blade, and the guard is styled after the circle-and-star symbology that is the nation's main symbol. There are vaguely flame-like shapes lower down near the handle as well. The handguard also has plenty of String Jewelry attached to it, as it is common in the culture.  
Sword of a King by MadToxin


The creation and early history of the sword are a very uncertain topic. The technology involved suggests it was created sometime in the late 2500s, specifically in Central Cellean space. Like the Crown of the Sovereign, it was likely created for some either some rich guy as a novelty to show off, or a ruler for a symbol of office. Regardless, the Cellean collapse left it lost somewhere. From there, it apparently ended up on some interstellar Cycler or another, until eventually ending up on the Once Doomed to Obscurity. It was seemingly left there, as no one would, or could afford to, buy it from them.   Eventually, in the 2790s, an Anakrionian expeditionary party exploring Cellean space found it, in the hold of that very same tradeship, now long-wrecked in orbit of an abandoned world. They took it, along with some other valuable artifacts, and it was officially recognized as a piece of the King's gear by the king at the time, Rexamana Iter, now given some new, relevant decorations, engravings, string jewerly, and a new coat of gold. It has served the Kings that came after since exceptionally, hanging at their side at all times, and tasting synthetic coolant in plentiful amounts.
Creation Date
Presumed mid-2500s.
Current Holder
Related Technologies
Near-exactly 100 centimeters long.


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