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Crown of the Sovereing

The crown of the King of Anakrion. An old Cellean relic, carrying not only significant political meaning, but also a host of secret functions.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

While it may look like a normal headpiece, a crown styled with eight spikes in a circle, it conceals within it a whole host of now-lost technology, at least in the region. It's also built for Sapient Synthetics, and can't really be used by humans, even if worn.   It has a large spectrum of stuff, some passive, others not. Here's a list of the more notable ones;
  • Built in computer systems that massively enhance the user's existing ones.
  • Sensor systems to detect stuff even behind the user, and enhance their senses.
  • A folding dish system to blast opponents with blinding light, a burst of ultrasound or sensor- and sense-disrupting waves.
  • The technologies in use here are more or less understood by the Kingdom Of Anakrion, but in general are considered advanced tech beyond their abilities. Sure, it's been surpassed in the inner core and places like it, but in this region, it's advanced as hell.


    Presumably created in the 2500s for some local ruler in the Cellean autocratic space. It was discovered again by an expedition sometime in the 2710s, after the cataclysmic fall of the Cellean empire. It was likely unearthed a time after some rebellion deposed the local ruler, the one that commisioned the crown. From there, it was brought to Ochtotne Prime, and from there, made it to the hands of Anakrionian leadership, and to the King, specifically the 4th King of Anakrion, Rexinnia De'Vaun. From there, it's been a heirloom of the Anakrionian Kings, passed down from one to another after succession, along with two other, presumably Cellean, relics, the Armour of a Lord, and the Sword of a King.


    Throughout its history, it's always been a crown, reserved for a ruler. It's just that that ruler has shifted through the years. First it was a local Cellean ruler, managing a territory for the triumvirate, and now it's the King of Anakrion.
    Item type
    Clothing / Accessory
    Creation Date
    Assumed, 2500s
    Current Location
    Current Holder
    Owning Organization
    One-of-a-kind, at least in the local area. It's unknown whether or not more were ever produced, but within the Kingdom Of Anakrion, and Ochtotne Prime as a whole, or even the surrounding star systems, there hasn't been a single sighting of another.

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