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Rexilis (ɹekˈs:iˈlis)

King of Anakrion Faestos Termen (a.k.a. Rexilis Ileas)

King of The Kingdom Of Anakrion, and once part of the The original quad. Original name Faestos, the name Rexilis Ileas is the name he got when he became King of Anakrion.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely good, being King and all.

Facial Features

Rexilis' head is notably styled after a human much more than most other synthetics. It's not a perfect match, it's missing a mouth, but it's quite reminiscent of thoe medieval helmets with a face on them.

Identifying Characteristics

Many. Being King of Anakrion grants among others, a set of equipment. Crown of the Sovereing, the Sword of a King, and the Armour of a Lord, are all equipment granted to the current King. They are all high-quality, powerful relics of the Cellean autocratic space. The armour and the crown are most notable, as the crown is very spiky, and the armour gold with large decorative wings behind.

Apparel & Accessories

The aforementioned set of Cellean relics, mainly. Those are decorated with more royal decorations as well, such as medals and signifiers of office.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

< under development >   Eventually, in 2811, he found his way to Ochtotne Prime, and the Kingdom Of Anakrion. Soon enough, with his military and leadership experience, he became a well-known politician, ended up in the Advisory Council, and eventually, in 2862, became King of Anakrion. He's ruled the country since, with still almost 35 years of term left.


Highly educated in basic education, even more so in military subjects.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Many, from military victories to political successes. Overall extremely successful, the man's a king.

Failures & Embarrassments

Not every military action was a success, so there are some failures and such. That aside, his military career has been quite good.

Morality & Philosophy

Main priority is the prosperity of his state, as he is King. He is willing to do some questionable things for his kingdom. But, overall, he's a pretty decent person.

Personality Characteristics


He wants to see the best for his kingdom. On a smaller timeframe, he wants to conquer New Suterr, the long-time thorn in Anakrion's side.


Has been the King of Anakrion since 2862, for 14 years thus far, out of a 50-year term. Despite his relatively short reign thus far, he's been a very accomplished leader thus far, leading a somewhat successful invasion of Suterr's Flatland in the first years of his rule, and having otherwise improved the infrastructure in and around Lanfal City.



Subject (Important)

Towards Rexilis




King (Trivial)

Towards Quaken



Wealth & Financial state

Being the ruler of a not-insignificant country, the King of Anakrion receives a sizeable allowance aside from the various assets otherwise available to him.
Current Status
Ruling the Kingdom of Anakrion
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • 7th King of Anakrion.
  • 6th councillor of The Advisory Council (former)
  • Currently Held Titles
    Date of Birth
    Year of Birth
    2513 CE 363 Years old
    Kalla Ionem
    Current Residence
    Torgallon, King's Palace
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
  • Kalla Ionem's local language, a descendant of Italian
  • Galactic Standard
  • Anakrionian

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