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Cellean autocratic space (sel:ea)

A large empire of which Stringer, Mad, and Nex were part of, as soldiers and commanders. Existed once, and collapsed in 2534. Was very influential and powerful in the, at the time, outer rim of human space, having conquered and subjugated a large part of it. Major player in the Wars of Control, and left behind a big mess and lots of power vaccuums.


The highest authority in the Cellean empire were the Triumvirate of Cellea. A council of three, they made all of the largest decisions. The various sub-divisions of the empire were managed by local leaders, usually a solar system at a time. This was to ensure Cellean authority remain in faraway regions, to which messages would take decades to reach.   As for the name, the Triumvirate was not a public entity, and all of their messaging to the people was presented as if coming from a single source, thus being and autocracy.


Very warlike and militaristic, the Wars of Control were caused entirely by Cellean expansion, which was commonly very aggressive. The Celleans were also somewhat high-and-mighty, pretentious, and even somewhat holier-than-thou. They also had quite the ego.

Public Agenda

Being a state, the main priority is to keep itself stable. The main agenda, and goal, of the state was conquest. Subjugation, integration, and so on. Most states were offered a chance to join peacefully, but then, if refused, depending on available resources, conquered or destroyed.  
"The Cellean empire was a warmongering state. It subjugated and ruled over independent nations and cultures, often with repression and oppression. There was nothing redeemable about the Cellean empire!"   "The Cellean Autocratic Space brought economic prosperity, new technology, and a higher standard of living to the states it integrated. The period of rebellion, unrest, death and all out chaos reigning in the region began when the state collapsed."
Mad and Stringer, arguing over the Cellean state's morals.


Had a very large military force, and many important resources and assets. Antimatter factories, large factory-zones, entire planets and sectors under their control. They could go toe-to-toe with the local ASTUN forces, even while fighting on a myriad other fronts.


This empire's history is dominated by war. It reached the great state it was in by war, and it fell by war. Created by a triumvirate on Cellea some 500 years back, the nation had an unprecedented effect on the outer, and some inner, parts of human space. The later conflicts became known as the Wars of Control. The empire gained a large amount of territory over the wars, but at their height, their empire collapsed, which occured over nearly half a century. This led to a period of chaos, regional conflicts and civil war, which is still going on today.


Due to internal strife on various conquered worlds, one by one, most nations on the planets broke free, peacefully or not, mostly succesfully. Because of the delays of slower-than-light interstellar travel and communication, most territories could not easily be reinforced in time. The empire crumbled, and many new nations emerged. Many refugees and the like went on to settle new worlds, such as Ochtotne Prime.

Demography and Population

At its height, the empire was composed of 5.2 trillion people. The split between biological and synthetic humans was relatively even, with the majority being biological.


At its height, it controlled the majority of the Omega-Aurutka - Rakt'Akla star sector, the The Second Core, then not nearly as important as now, and nearly every populated system in between. The capital was once Jameson's Respite. Cellea, the origin point and previous capital, was destroyed in a war in the 2430s. Despite that, it is still symbolically important, and ceremonies like the declaration of a Champion of Cellea are preferably held there, if possible.


The military was particularily capable. A large part of Cellean industry was dedicated to military needs, and their navies and armies were a testament to that.

Technological Level

State-of-the-art. Roughly on par with the STUN, at the time. Even more advanced in some areas, less in others. The Celleans excelled at interstellar space travel and kinetic weapons, that's mainly Mass Drivers, for example. Certainly more advanced than anything in the area today, save for the Second Core or the Dragon's Hoard cluster. Even today, wars of considerable scale over an Cellean industrial zone, an old fleet, or just a cache of a few hundred weapons.

Foreign Relations

Most of the diplomacy between nations and the Cellean autocratic space boiled down to war and conquest. As the nation was effectively self-sufficient, they had little need for trade.

Agriculture & Industry

A very industrialised nation, most of the controlled worlds were somewhat developed.

2329 - 2534

Geopolitical, State
Alternative Names
The Cellean Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items


Back when the Cellean empire existed, it came into conflict with local STUN forces a lot. Nowadays, the empire is dead.

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