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Jett (jet:)

A gas giant in the Omega-Aerutka system. Orbits roughly a billion kilometers from its parent star. A cold gas giant, the planet is primarily composed of hydrogen. Around it orbits 18 habitats, the biggest being Kosmaellon, The Halven, Koros, and Tekr. The planet also has 31 moons, none of which are settled in any permanent way, save for mining installations.


A rather average gas giant. Bluish-purple, with a sizeable cloud cover.

Localized Phenomena

The atmoshpere has violent storms every now and then, par for the course for a gas giant, and the orbit is more elliptic than most others.

Natural Resources

The giant is extremely rich in hydrogen, fusion fuel. Many of its moons are also mineral-rich.


The planet was settled first in 2837, after The Flight of the Halven. Since then, the inhabitants have existed in orbit, building habitats with materials from the planet's moons. Trade is also present between the denizens of the planet and those of Ochtotne Prime.  
The Flight of the Halven
Generic article | Nov 2, 2022

The exodus of the current inhabitants of Jett from their original home

Alternative Name(s)
Omega-Aerutka e, Journey's End
Location under

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