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The Omega-Delta Disaster

A vital battle for the Cellean front near the Dragon's Hoard Cluster. The battle determined whether or not the Cellean forces would have been able to advance to the sector. The battle took place at the tail end of the Wars of Control. Also was the turning point of Stringer's and Mad's friendship.

The Conflict


The two Cellean fleets, led by Stringer and Mad respectively, had arrived in the system a decade or so back, and had subjugated the local population of Desterat, many of whom had joined the Cellean empire willingly. The fleets were in orbit around the planet, when the Dragon's Hoard defense fleets began arriving. Eventually, after a few weeks, the fleets had come within engagement distance of each other.


The two fleets engaged each other in pretty standard fashion, rougly a wall of ships with some staggering of the positions.


The orbit of Desterat, a standard orbital battle. There was no significant debris or any asteroids, the orbit was clear.

The Engagement

The Dragon's Hoard fleets were very outmatched against both the numerical and technological superiority of the Cellean forces, but also had less capable commanders and leaders, where the Celleans had both Stringer and Mad. The opening volleys destroyed many of the DH(Dragon's Hoard) fleets, while the Cellean fleets had remained roughly intact.   But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Mad began to attack Stringer's fleets. Stringer's fleets had been weakened by battles, whereas Mad's were much better off. While this betrayal may have seemed to come from nowhere, Mad had in reality been planning this for a while. He had purged or re-educted, as it were, disloyal components of his fleets. He had cultivated distrust in the Cellean cause, one he despised.   As Stringer's fleets were being attacked from both sides, the DH fleets decided to take an opportunity, and retreat. Some ships stayed behind, incuding one Serica's Warden. This ship, the flagship of the fleet, named after the original colony that the settlers of the Dragon's Hoard sector came from, went toward the heart of the fight, toward Stringer's flagship, The Orator of Ten Thousand Glorious Victories.   It impacted hard. The impact pushed both ships out of orbit, plummeting to the barren planet below. While the Warden was nearly destroyed, with little remaining, the Orator survived. It had a massive gash it its side with a part of the Warden stuck inside, but it endured. It was, however, falling, and fast. Desterat has a thin atmosphere, causing the ship to speed up to the significant terminal velocity of the planet. During the fall, standard antimatter reduction procedures were enacted. The engines were deattached, and the reactor jettisoned, along with all the antimatter elsewhere on the ship. These would independently fall to the planet, guided by thrusters to land smoothly.   The Orator hit the ground hard. Due to its massive size, the ship survived somewhat okay, with the command deck being fine. Stringer made his way out of the wreck, and was faced with Mad, who had come down to the planet to duel. And so they did.


Mad deserted the Cellean army. He left, and ended up on the newly colonized Ochtotne Prime after a time. Stringer also deserted. He ended up going from planet to planet, star to star, in the region, until finally ending up where Mad was, Ochtotne Prime.   In addition, the Cellean advance in the region was completely stopped in its tracks. It had been spearheaded and led nearly exclusively by Stringer's and Mad's fleets.


The halting of Cellean forces allowed the Dragon's Hoard cluster to remain independent and unharmed when the Cellean empire collapsed, as opposed to so many other places.

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

The Cellean loss allowed the Dragon's Hoard sector to aqcuire more advanced technology, as well as from the settler ships following the fleets, having come a few years later. They still retain a high tech level, much higher than anything else in the area.
"And so, the Serica's Warden, our greatest ship, sacrificed itself to destroy an even greater and more terrible ship. The tide turned that moment, and our worlds were safe.   Never shall we forget their sacrifice."
— Tsikano Folle, Nova Serican historian
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Cellean defeat: Both Stringer and Mad dissappeared.


Cellean Fleets

Led by

Dragon's Hoard United Fleet

Led by


  • 4 462 ships
  • 3 822 ships
  • Casualties

  • 72 631 people.
  • 4 310 ships
  • 4 631 people.
  • 386 ships
  • Objectives

    Defend Desterat as a strategic point in order to assault the rest of the sector.
    Destroy the attacking fleets, secure Desterat.

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