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Admiral-Captain of Cellea (sel:ea)

Any military needs leaders. The Cellean autocratic space especially. It had, in its prime, around fifty-seven separate fleets, most off conquering new territories and expanding the empire. Each of these consisted of around ten thousand ships, excluding auxiliary vessels, and were commanded, at the top, by an Admiral-Captain. These were both admirals of their fleets as well as captains of their respective flagships.


A good military mind, and appropriate training and such. Basic high-up military stuff.


A promotion like most others. In addition, they admiral is also assigned a personal flagship to command.


Cellean fleets consist of ten thousand or so ships, plus auxiliaries like agricultural ships, storage vessels, and antimatter production craft. Command of the fleet falls to the admiral-captain, who commands his flagship, as well as issues general orders to the fleet, like where to go and when. He's also the face of the fleet.   The admiral-captain has command over five sections, lead by captain-commanders. Their sections consist of two or so thousand ships, and they themselves have 30 subsections, lead by levantes. Levantes lead battlegroups of between a hundred or ten ships, depending on role. They are lead by levantes-nes, who in turn lead their battlegroup sub-divisions. These battlegroups can vary a lot, from a frontline one with 2-3 battleships and a few heavy cruisers lead by 3 levantes-nes, to a interception- and hit-and-run-focused group composed of thirty corvettes and fifty frigates, lead by ten levantes-nes.   In short, the chain of command goes as follows;
Admiral-captain > captain-commander > levantes > levantes-nes.


Sizeable pay, mainly. Of course, that's a bit hard to enforce with the scattered nature of Cellean authorities, so admirals generally got the largest share of whatever loot and such a fleet picks up from the areas it conquers. There's also a major prestige element, of course, being an accomplished military leader and all. An admiral-captain is also quite an influential figure politically.
Civic, Military, Generic
Defunct, with the collapse of the Cellean empire and its navy.
Form of Address
Admiral-Captain, Sir/Ma'am
Alternative Naming
Equates to
The highest authority in a fleet. Equivalent roughly to an admiral of the fleet in many navies today.
Source of Authority
Cellean military high command, in whatever specific area.
Length of Term
Potentially indefinite
Past Holders
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations

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