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Stringer (striŋɘr)

Stringer Ventan

Quaken's mentor, and the once-best friend of Mad. Pretty standard wise mentor man, who was great friends and has a long history with the main villain. Adheres to consepts like honour and righteousness, is a pretty cool guy. Very capable fighter and commander.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely good, and thoroughly superhuman. In very good physical condition, with many cybernetic and biological enhancements, like denser muscles, a cybernetic eye overlay, a Predictive Analysis Interface and many more. Many would call him a Mode, though that's not the case, owing to his mentality of augmentations being a tool and not an end.

Body Features

Cybernetic right arm, all the way including the elbow, as well as quite a few scars of verying size and type.

Facial Features

A fair amount of scars; one under the left eye, another through the right side of his lips, and a very prominent one on his cheek. Many are from live combat, though the lip one is from a sparring duel with Mad. In addition, he also has a Cybernetic eye overlay over his right eye.

Physical quirks

Due to heavy smoke inhalation and general damage to the throat suffered during the The Omega-Delta Disaster, and a lack of access to adequate medical care due to Stringer going underground, his voice has become very raspy. Like a dunmer, from Morrowind.

Specialized Equipment

His sword, the Swift Stroke, Deadly Blade. His jacket is made of a graphene-based fabric, making it both easy to clean and serving as an extra layer of protection, though a very weak one.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the early 2300s. Eventually ended up in the army of the Cellean autocratic space. Served for over 200 years, and over that time rose in the ranks, befriended Mad, and ended up getting a fleet of his own, the 27th Cellean Fleet, and began conquering territory alongside Mad and his 28th fleet. At one point, he was recommended for Champion of Cellea by his and Mad's crew, and was officially made one upon concluding his first campaign and returning to central Cellean space. After the The Omega-Delta Disaster, he stayed underground for a few years, and after that, went looking for Mad. He travelled around the area, quite a bit in slower-than-light ships, searching for Mad and taking down his organizations if possible, and eventually ended up in Lanfal City three years ago.


Highly educated and trained, in both general and military matters. Despite living away from major civilisation for multiple centuries, he has managed to keep up with technology and the general state of things.


Was a soldier and later a high-ranking military leader. Nowadays, not employed, lives as a hermit, sort of.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Highly decorated as a military leader as well as a fighter. Had lead many campaigns in his time, most succesfull. Was one of the most well-known and skilled leaders in the Cellean autocratic space. Fought many duels, too, most notably Mad, whom he dueled to a standstill. Was crowned Champion of Cellea in 2442, a prestigious title in the Cellean military.

Failures & Embarrassments

The incident with Mad, as well as some military defeats. Hey, he's not perfect. Due to his last campaign, which failed catastrophically, the Cellean autocratic space's military victories and rapid advancement in the region came to a schreeching halt. Because he was in command, and that he was partly outmanouvred by the enemies, he blames himself for the defeats. Didn't help that the empire began its collapse at the time.

Mental Trauma

Due to losing so many men, and having to fight his long-time friend, coupled with the general horrors of century-long war, he has a fair bit of trauma and mental trouble. This has left him as somewhat emotionally damaged. He has managed to work through the majority of the trauma, and is mentally stable nowadays.

Intellectual Characteristics

Very intellegent, and also very smart. Highly educated.

Morality & Philosophy

Stringer has a somewhat utilitarian approach, although still considers individuals as important. Pretty standard, adjusts slightly to the situation, ie. who or what is concerned. Also very supportive of Cellean expansion, even through violent means.

Personality Characteristics


Find and kill Mad. Has been travelling the outer rim of human space looking for him, and has found his way to Ochtotne Prime.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Honest and honourable, not to a fault though. Not very trusting of many people anymore.

Likes & Dislikes

People who show promise, like Quaken. Stringer took him under his wing nearly instantly, partly to get assistance in killing Mad, but partially to teach him, and pass on a partly dying martial art.

Virtues & Personality perks

Generally nice to people. Fair, and a rare few things can faze him. Confident, and exceptionally skilled, in both fighting and strategy.

Vices & Personality flaws

Not always honest, and has his own interests above most else. Not particularily trusting or open with people.



Served as an commander and admiral for the 27th fleet of the Cellean autocratic space for around 104 years. Was in the military for almost 150 years.

Social Aptitude

A very charismatic and sociable person, as is befitting a high-ranking military leader.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a cat, by the name of Lavran, around a year and a half old.



Friend (Vital)

Towards Mad




Friend (Vital)

Towards Stringer




Mad and Stringer met in 2396, after being assigned to the galactic eastern front of the Wars of Control. There, they formed a close friendship, almost brotherly. They fought together, fought separately, but in the end, after the Omega-Delta Disaster, their friendship ended.


Old, once friend (Important)

Towards Stringer




Old, once friend (Vital)

Towards Mad




After The Omega-Delta Disaster, Mad and Stringer went to hiding. Mad went to Ochtotne Prime, while stringer bounced around the region looking for Mad. They are not on good terms anymore, and while they seek to kill eachother, they maintain respect towards one another.


Student/follower/generally admirer (Vital)

Towards Stringer




Mentor (Important)

Towards Quaken



Current Status
Planning on how to get to Mad
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Official Positions:
  • Admiral-Captain of the 27th Fleet (former)
  • Champion of Cellea (former)
  • Titles and nicknames:
  • The Lord of Ten Thousand Glorious Victories (former)
  • Eradicator of Realms (former)
  • The Might of Martial Skill (former)
  • Unmatched Master of Strategy (former)
  • Doom of Maras-Chie (former)
  • Hero of Colchid 49-Escart (former)
  • Swift Wind of Steel (former)
  • Scion of the Triumvirate (former)
  • Previously Held Ranks & Titles
    Date of Birth
    Date of Death
    2322 CE 2876 CE 554 years old
    Place of Death
    Mad's Throneroom
    Current Residence
    Outskirts of Lanfal City
    dim blue
    Black with gray strands
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Somewhat tanned, otherwise beige-ish
    Known Languages
  • Galactic Standard.
  • Ochtotne Prime's local language.
  • Cellean

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    Cover image: Stringer by MadToxin


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