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Layered Chain Blade

A weapon fitted with a layered chain generator. Usually a sword, axe, spear, claw or the like.   Layered chain generators generate small, very thin chains that move along a blade's edge. These are made in many layers, each spinning the opposite direction to the last, giving the blade massive cutting strength. The more advanced a generator, the more layers there are. These allow melee weapons to remain viable, even with heavily armoured targets, like vehicles. Only the strongest materials can bear the force, such as the Carbon-Interlaced Aluminium Alloy used with heavy armour, or hardened plasma.   If a blade of this were to impact with another one, the chains would run into each other, destroying them. This would make cutting a layered chain blade with another quite difficult.


Access & Availability
Very accessible. Available in large supply even on Ochtotne Prime, and used as standard in the local militaries.
Somewhat complex, easy to make with common assemblers.
Sometime in the 2400s.


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