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Ochtotne Prime (okʼˈtotne ˈpraim)

An Earth-like planet in orbit around Aerutka. Settled a few hundred years back, the planet is still very barren, despite active terraforming efforts. The atmosphere has been made human-breathable, and some, limited vegetation has begun to grow. The planet has a population of around 15-17 million, most of which is robotic. All in all, a very mundane, outback, middle-of-nowhere world. The planet orbits on average around 180 million kilometers from Aerutka.


Earth-like in terms of atmosphere and gravity, otherwise very rocky and dry. Minimal plantlife and and animal life. Similar in many places to tundras in the summer on Earth. The planet is estimated to be roughly 3.1 billion years old, volcanism is somewhat commonplace, and earthquakes are not rare. Being in the outer edge of the star's habitable zone, the planet is quite cold, and Lanfal City, near the equator, gets an average temperature of 16C throughout the year. There is not a lot of ocean, around 81% of the surface, and the majority of the oceans are barely more than a kilometer deep. An asteroid belt exist around the planet. Calling it a ring is not very accurate, as it is quite small and thin. While mountains exist, the highest is only about 4.6 kilometers tall, within the Dertii Mountain Range.


Only a few plants or animals, largely barren. Many places are entirely devoid of vegetation.

Fauna & Flora

Minimal. Around a couple thousand separate species of animal, and around a few thousand plant species. Most are native to Earth, and have been genetically adjusted to suit the climate.

Natural Resources

The planet has a small asteroid belt around it, and said belt contains a large amount of ice asteroids, especially valuable for fusion. Otherwise, the planet and belt have standard metals and such, nothing special.


Discovered in the 2510s, settled first in 2654. The first settlements were in orbit, with Torgallon being the center of most things. The planet proper was only settled in 2691, and Lanfal City founded. Terraforming was begun not long after near the city, and is still ongoing, with the atmosphere now human-breathable. Through the almost 200 years the planet has been settled, nations have formed, fell, merged, and so on. Most nations compose only city-states, controlling a city or a habitat, such as New Suterr. There are two notable exceptions. The Kingdom Of Anakrion, a nation which controls over half the planet's territories, mostly the orbit, and the Vertul Republic, with around 26% control.


Being on the fringe of human space, and being a barren, largely dead rock like a million others, tourism is not common.
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Omega-Aurutka c, Discount Resurgam
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