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Omega-Aerutka (oˈmeiga auˈrutka)

A star system near the edge of human space. Consists of the star, and a few planets. Notable planets include Ochtotne Prime, the main planet, and Jett, the gas giant around which, for example, Koros and Halven orbit. The star itself, named Aerutka, is a class K star, some 0.91 solar masses.   Aurutka and Aerutka are used interchangeably.


The star system is home to five major bodies. Designated Aurutka (letter), they are; a (Aurutka, the star), b (Kierren), c (Ochtotne Prime), d (Sialgon), e(Jett) and f (Talno). The system also has several thousand other objects, from minor planets to moons to comets. Kierren, Jett, and Talno all have moons, with Kierren having one and the gas giants having 31 and 18 respectively.

Localized Phenomena

The star, while generally stable, does, at times, experience periods of increased activity and solar wind-output, These rarely consern the population of the system, as habitats have safeguards in place, and Ochtotne Prime has an artificially strengthened magnetic field for this reason.

Natural Resources

Standard amount of resources and materials, and the sun itself is somewhat old, resulting in higher metallicity compared to our sun. (Mind you, metallicity in stars means the presence of anything heavier than helium, not just metals.)


While the system has been in the star charts for a while, and has been scanned first in the 2500s, proper settlement came only in the 2630s with the settling of Ochtotne Prime. Later on, planets like Jett, and the others in the system were settled, to different extents. The planet has mainteined a healthy level of civilization, and has been trodding along for the last 200 years just fine.  
Alternative Name(s)
Solar System
Included Locations

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