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Corinthin (ˈkoɾinθi:n)

A habitat in Ochtotne Prime's ring. Well, "ring" is generous, but still, there are plenty of rocks in there. The habitat is primarily concerned with mining raw materials and water for the rest of the nation, especially the capital.

Industry & Trade

The station's primary industry is, suprise suprise, the mining and refining of various raw materials from the asteroid belt/ring the habitat resides in. It mainly mines water, carbon, iron, and various conductive materials, mainly copper and gold. It refines most of this into usable and purer resources, but water, for example, is exported as is.   This refined material is also the primary export of the habitat. In fact, it also has a sizeable amount of trade traffic at most times, as it is the only major provided of such material in the Kingdom Of Anakrion. It mainly imports more advanced products, as the raw materials it doesn't sell are plenty to keep it running.


Aside from standard habitat infrastructure, like a pair of central fusion reactors to power it, Corinthin also has a comparatively large system of docking bays on the outer hull, designed for the various mining vessels in use. These are on the side of the cylinder, and move along with it until a ship comes, at which point it stops on it's track and lets it in, and then moves to where the cargo can be unloaded. This is opposed to how most habitats do it, with the docking areas being at the top and bottom of the cylinder.


16 mining ships, of varying size. Most carry only a five or so drones, but the larger ones can carry tens, and mine several asteroids at a time. The habitat also employs several cargo ships, to trade its materials.

Guilds and Factions

There are five main independent mining corporations and one government-controlled company operating in the habitat. These have a drastic effect on local politics, each having a seat in the habitats decision-making entity, and being the pillars of the habitat's economy. The refining side, however, is entirely government-owned, giving it a stable foothold in the economy.


Founded in 2671, the habitat was intended to mine and refine resources, and it has done so well for that last 200 years. Interestingly, there was originally planned to be a second habitat connected to this one, though that never came to pass. The plans are there, but the bureucracy is somewhat tied up for the last few decades with supplying the nation's increasing development and military buildup.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Ring Mining Station
Orbital, Station
347 000
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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