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Planca Me Rex (ˈplaɴka me reks)

The palace of the King of Anakrion, and main government building of the Kingdom Of Anakrion. Located in the capital city of Finira, on Torgallon. Name translates roughly to, well, King's Palace.

Purpose / Function

It's the palace of the King. It serves as the home of both the King, the royal guard, and various more government employees. There's various places, both ceremonial, administrative, and residential.


It's generally concrete and other materials, though styled to look like marble in a lot of places, mainly the more ceremonial places, like the main halls or the King's throneroom. There's also a lot of gold and white, the colours of royalty in Ochtotnian culture. The more practical areas are less stylized, but are still very flashy, looking somewhat like an old 1800-era house, where the ceremonial places look like a classical palace, like the ones in France.  


Central hall

Entering into the palace, you will find a very large hall, through which other areas are accessed. This hall has reception areas, but mostly serves as an inbetween area, running through the palace.


To the left and right from the center of the palace lies a large garden, intersected by the central hall. This is where the denizens of the palace come to relax, socialize, or just be. It's a wonderfully tended garden filled with magnificent plants originally from Earth, much like many other royal gardens.


To the immidiate left of entering the palace, one will find the residences of the palace's inhabitants. The people who keep the palace together live here. Overseers of maintenance or cleaning, chefs, the various administrative overseers, the palace lives here. To the right, from the hall, one finds the King's Guard and their residences.


In the left of the palace, from the courtyards, there are the offices of the various roles. Mostly administrators and the computing systems they oversee, this area is much less stylized, and closed to the public.

King's quarters

Being the King, the King's areas are quite large. The entrance is visible all the way from the entrance to the palace, and the King's quarters are right in the middle from there, in the back of the palace.

King's throne

Above the Kings's quarters is the throneroom. A room with a grandiose throne, covered in gold and white. The throne is flanked by the King's two main advisors, the internal and external ones, and in front of it are six royal guardsmen at all times. Funny enough, the King doesn't spend much time on the throne, but rather all kinds of other places. Whether it's meeting rooms, conference chambers, his quarters, or the garden, the King only really spends time on the throne in important meetings, like ones with other nations' representatives or people or factions he wants to impress.


While the palace has few defensive emplacements, the city as a whole and the habitat do. Torgallon, the habitat, notably has both external and internal weaponry, useful for both rogue debris and hostile forces.   The palace is host to the King's Guard, a royal guard who work as any other such group. They are clad in pure white armour, covered by gilded cloth, masking the mastercraft armour beneath. Their weapons are, on the outside, massive and stylized, completely impractical for any real combat. However, these weapons, axes, greatswords, and spears, can be broken open to reveal functional and reasonable weapons inside. The royal guardsmen are skilled warriors with the most top-of-the-line equipment available to the Kingdom. They also do use coilrifles and -pistols, quite often, which are similarily ceremonial yet secretly functional.
Welcome to the great King's palace, seat of government and leadership of this country, and habitat, you find yourself in. The King resides here, of course, and so do a lot of others. Unfortunately, this tour can only go to the public areas, but with the size of the palace, that's plenty.
— Tour guide
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Anakrionian Royal Palace, King's Palace
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