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Torgallon (ˈtoɹgæl:øn)

Habitat in orbit around Ochtotne Prime, home to a few million people. Capital of the Kingdom Of Anakrion. Housed near the planet's asteroid belt, which is where it gets the bulk of its resources, fuel, etc.


Primarily synthetics. This is due to very low tourism. Since the original settlers were robotic, and immigration is very low, the population demographics have stayed largely the same. Some biological humans live in the habitat, but only a few thousand.


Standard defence grid, meant to deter space rocks and debris, as well as potential attackers. The Anakrionian Defense Fleet is often docked here.

Industry & Trade

Asteroid mining is mostly conducted through Torgallon. Trade, too, is regulated and controlled here, due to it being the only large-scale trade capable settlement.


An orbital habitat, an form of O'Neill cylinder. Due to being over 30 kilometers long, it has mass transit systems in place. A relatively advanced spaceport is present on board.


The capital within the capital, the main city area is a large, roughly 5*12 kilometer area of urban sprawl. Housed within are the more important services, like the spaceport, the King's palace, and many goverment offices.


Most space traffic has to go through this habitat, as Lanfal City spaceport does not have many interplanetary, much less interstellar, vessels.


Was among the first habitats constructed in the system, and later served as the supply point for the planetside settlements.

Points of interest

King's hall, spaceport, the city.


Perfectly earthlike. Gravity is kept via spinning, and the enviroment has been filled with plants imported from earth. A single, large city dominates the cylinder, housing the King's Hall.

Natural Resources

Access to asteroid fields, providing easy materials and water, as well as hydrogen to serve as fusion fuel.
Founding Date
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Capital of Anakrion
Orbital, Station
2.7 million
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