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The proper capital of the Kingdom Of Anakrion, within the larger capital habitat of Torgallon. Home to quite a number of governmental offices and establishments, such as Anakrionian Collections, the military's top command, and various others. It also houses a number of major corporations' headquarters. Perhaps the most notable feature of the city is Planca Me Rex, the King of Anakrion's palace and place of residence.


As with the rest of the Kingdom of Anakrion, the city is almost entirely populated by Sapient Synthetics. It does have somewhat more Humans compared to the rest of the planet, at about 20 000 to the 2.5 million synthetics.


The city is ran by the King, though he is assisted in it by a council, decided upon by both the King and the The Advisory Council.


Torgallon provides Finira with all the protection it ever needs. Not only is a habitat both very defensible, but it can also be equipped with a substantial amount of firepower. The presence of the Anakrionian Defense Fleet nearby also helps. The Kingdom of Anakrion, being the most powerful nation in the system by a wide margin, doesn't believe Torgallon would almost ever come under direct assault, and thus the city inside has no protection of its own.

Industry & Trade

Most of Finira's industry is based in commerce and trade, as Torgallon is the most important habitat in the planet's orbit. There are several streets full of stores, and large sections are dedicated to logistics calculation hardware and loading bays, ready to send their supplies to the habitat's ends. Any actual production-focused industry is elsewhere in the habitat, outside the city borders.


Being on a habitat, Finira has easier access to water and fuel than planetside cities. Large pipelines, carrying water to the city or processing plants, run across the plains, burrowing into the ground and through the habitat's hull to exterior supply ports. Railways and roads lead from the city to major parts of the habitat, especially the ends of the cylinder, where the docking bays lie. The city itself has all a city should: roads, pedestrian paths, and even a tram system. It also has a subway system running through the habitat's hull, the central stations being in Finira.


Built alongside Torgallon itself, Finira was founded in the early 2660s, and has remained there since, even as the Kingdom of Anakrion was founded, the First King came and went, and through all the successors since. Through those two centuries, it has grown, undergone periods of prosperity and stagnancy, and, well, existed as a capital.
Founding Date
2.5 million
Location under
Owning Organization


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