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The Advisory Council

The council responsible for advising the King of Anakrion in all matters. Part of the leadership of the Kingdom Of Anakrion, they reside in the Planca Me Rex, on Torgallon.


The Advisory Council is made of of 39 representatives, three from each of the thirteen major territories. Five planetside cities on Ochtotne Prime, and eight habitats in orbit.   They are lead by a chairman, elected by the rest of the council. The rest of the 38 are split into two groups, headed by a minister. They advise the King on the internal and external affairs of the kingdom respectively. The two ministers are seated at both sides of the King's throne in his palace, whenever important matters need to be discussed.

Public Agenda

The main mission of the Advisory Council is to, well, advise the King. On all matters, political, economic, military. Internal and external, there is a advisor for everything. The King can do what he wishes, and can disregard the Council entirely, though that's not too smart. The councillors serve to assist in the King's decisionmaking, mostly for the betterment of the kingdom.


The council did exist prior, and was founded around the time Torgallon was built, in 2642. Back then, it handled the day-to-day affairs and politics of the then-city state of Torgallon, and was only formalized into the modern Council when the Kingdom of Anakrion was founded with the settlement of Lanfal City. Since then, it's stayed roughly the same, only with more councillors coming on with more territories being founded or conquered.

Demography and Population

Due to Ochtotne Prime's demographics, the council is made entirely of Sapient Synthetics.
"The Advisory Council has served the King for as long as the role of King has existed. We can full well take care of the kingdom for a time in your stead. But please, our King Rexilis, we implore you. Listen to us, for once. You can not risk yourself in potential warzone for some selfish goal of reconnection. You are a king, a ruler of a great nation."
— Erika Shioma, 2876, on King Rexilis leaving to find Nex
Founding Date
2640s in a form, became the modern iteration in the 2690s
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Parent Organization

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