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Sapient Synthetics

"What measure defines a human? In a biological sense, it is a species sharing the same genetic code. But this will not last. Genetic divergence will happen, and people will become incompatable with each other. So, maybe human means any species descended from modern humanity, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. This, as many would agree, is reasonable. "   "But where do these new constructs, so-called sapient synthetics fit in? While they may have no genetic similarity, or even share the same biological nature we do, their thought patterns and personalities have been modelled around human individuals. They are, mentally, human. They pass the Turing-Hende test perfectly. If allowed no knowlege of the physical nature of who they speak with, a biological human cannot distinguish between synthetic and not."   "So I say, these constructs are to be treated as human, no more or less than any one of us. To do otherwise would be to revert to the discriminatory ways of old."
— Kallana Mwang, 2239, giving a speech on robot rights
Robots, big and small, characterized by sapience. Artificial Intellegences, officially recognized as Human.

Basic Information


Entirely mechanical. Robots, they use motor fibers to move accurately and human-like, and have various levels of Form-plating. At the core of their bodies are the power source, most often a fusion reactor. The central computer, the "brain", is often in the head. A notable distinction to modern robots is the presence of blood. Not actually blood, this liquid flow through tubes in the body, allowing information and electricity to travel faster and more reliably. There's also the powerbanks, which allow a synthetic to function for a time even if their reactor is inoperable.   Now, a major element of synthetic design is their brains, their central computers. They aren't like modern ones. While many integrated intellegences are, that kind of architecture is just too big to be fit in a human-size body. Thus, the designers decided to model the computer after a human brain. The memories, and thoughts only exist as electrical impulses, essentially, they aren't actually permanent, sort of. This means that while the processing power is increased significantly, and a human intellegence can be fit into a human body, this brain dies permanently if power is severed for too long. This is exactly why the powerbanks exist.

Genetics and Reproduction

Each specimen is assembled, be it in a factory or someone's workshop.

Growth Rate & Stages

No natural growth. One can always modify themselves in various, drastic or not, ways. There's no real limit.

Ecology and Habitats

Capable of living and existing nearly wherever, from the barren surface of Desterat to Torgallon or Earth, as long as fuel, Hydrogen most often, is available.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Electricity; most autonomous platforms are powered by in-built generators, most commonly fusion reactors, thus demanding hydrogen as fuel. Most often just collected from the atmosphere if possible.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Extremely varied, can be whatever their maker decides, can also be changed. Since most members of the species are humanoid, their heads are covered my a mask-esque structure.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Throughout most of human space.

Average Intelligence

Varied, can be made as any level the creator desires. Usually highly intellegent, though within normal human levels. Usually.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most synthetics have a similar set of senses to biological humans. Vision by camera eyes, hearing, smell, a sense of touch and so on. Other, more mechanical senses are also common.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Human level, being human.


First created in the 2100s-2200s, they were used as labour until they were released and fully sapient ones were given full citizenship.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The species views themselves as a subspecies of biolocal humans, because they kind of are. The two species coexist generally peacefully, and over half a millenium not many view them as lesser. Thus, romantic, or rarer, sexual relationships are, while rare, not unheard of, since both parties are human, mentally.       Dirty robosexuales
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Mechanis
Effectively infinite, can be repaired and refurbished if need be.
Average Height
Anywhere from one to 50 meters


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