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Earth, home and place of origin of humanity. The single most developed planet in human space. Top of the game in nearly every category, , population, military strength, industrial power, technological level, standard of living and so on. It would take Mars, Proxima b, Corlaen and Sjahuma's Reprise, all of which are old and highly developed colonies in the core, to match Earth.   The planet has around 110 billion population, 46% of which lives in orbit, in around 13 000 habitats. The orbit also has thousands of other stations, docks, shipyard, and defense platforms. There is also an orbital ring present, orbiting in geostationary orbit around the equator.   Planetside, there are many massive supercities, like London or Beijing, and most of the population is distributed somewhat similarily to modern day. Space elevators, launch loops, and various other ground-to-space systems are present. The planet also houses everything from arcologies, gigantic trainways, antimatter power plants, industrial zones, research-focused cities, and a lot, lot more.   Standard of living is near-utopian. Earth is a roughly self-sufficient post-scarcity economy, where nearly everything is automated and people are free to do whatever they wish. Of course, this depends on the individual state, but in general, things are extremely good.


Earth, not much different from today, contains everything from barren fields of sand to cold tundras, lush forests and vast oceans. Approximately 2/3 ocean. The continents are the same as now, maybe with a few miniscule adjustments.


Extremely varied, like today.

Fauna & Flora

Roughly the same as today. Many places have been improved, however. Places like the Sahara desert, or the Siberian tundras have been made more habitable and suitable for humans. As a consequence, many animal species are present in these areas aswell.   On a sidenote, Earth-native fauna and flora are now present all over human space, as planets being terraformed have had their life exported from Earth.


Formed some 4.5 billion years ago. Life emerged a few billion years after that, and developed significantly. You know, basic Earth history. Humans developed here as well, and over the course of their existance have drastically altered the planet. The first habitats emerged in the 2070s, and the ring was built in 2602.


Earth is widely regarded as the most important place for humanity, rightly. Visiting the planet is considered somewhat of a pilgrimage in most cultures, religious or not. The planet experiences a neverending flow of traffic both from in-system and out, Luna and Terminus Station being the top spots behind Earth.
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The Cradle of Humanity, Pale Blue Marble
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