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The Space Territories of the United Nations. A supernational governing body consisting of most of the core nations and territories of humanity. While it has some level of control over constituent nations, the nations have free reign over their own governance. The armed forces, navies and armies constitute the ASTUN. Formed originally as keepers of the peace, they now serve as both that and a general cohesive power, as well as, with WW5 ongoing, the main military force.


A federation of sorts, constituent nations are largely independent. They can govern themselves, but they still have to pay a tax and contribute militarily and industrially. Think a mixture of the EU, with elements of a lesser-cohesive USA-ish structure. STUN itself is governed by a council of 20, elected from specific areas, though they are never really in the same region. These manage their respective areas. They often split the governance to sub-divisions, often solar system-scale, who then manage the overseeing of the nations there.

Public Agenda

The very core of the STUN was peacekeeping to prevent more catastrophic world wars. While they failed, as the Fifth World War is now raging, the secondary purpose was always to be able to stop wars like this, were they to arise.


The Core Worlds, and a large area of space around it, approximately over 50 000 nations on nearly 300 worlds and their habitats. The taxes and various military contributions to local forces of said planets.


Formed from the then already unified-ish UN in the 2310s to safeguard humanity from another war as catastrophic as the 4th world war. Since then, it has kept a loose grasp on the nations under its control, but in recent times, the outbreak of another war has forced more militarization.

Demography and Population

Composed of approximately 53% biological humans and 47% robotics. Total population is approximately 32.4 trillion.


Currently approximately 37% of human space, volumewise. in terms of population, they have around 58%. The Core Worlds are under STUN control, as well as several other important clusters and other such areas.


Technological Level

The highest. Since most technological developments happen in STUN space, they get the newest and shiniest tech. As with everything however, the level varies by region, with closer ones to Earth having more, and outer fringes having less.

Agriculture & Industry

The STUN has a massive collective industrial system, as most worlds have established, independent industry, part of which is contributed to the STUN.

Trade & Transport

There are established "lanes" of major commerce. These lanes are generally just well-defined areas of space, through which ships can go. These lanes are also stocked with major colonies, massive trade stations, and are generally more populated and developed than most.


Varies tremendously, but the central authorities do support higher-level education, even if it is not always possible. Overall, education is pretty good though, even in fringe regions.


Varies, again. Scales roughly with distance from the Core Worlds, although with exceptions.
Founding Date
Political, Federation
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
While the constituent nations often have their own currencies, the STUN uses a standardized currency. Similar to how the US dollar is kind of the "main currency" in our societies, this works similarily.
Major Exports
Many of the constituent nations export unnecessary production, selling it to other nations. Sometimes a habitat, for example, will sell excess produce to a station in the outer rim of a solar system, like the Oort cloud-equivalent, in exchange for raw materials or just water.
Major Imports
Due to it's sheer size and variety of states, the STUN is effectively self-sufficient. The nations constituting it do rely on trade at times, however. Most import rare substances like Antimatter or FTL fuel, as well as weapons, at times. Most habitats also import and buy raw materials from nations and organizations with cheaper access to, say, an asteroid belt.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles

Component organization

The ASTUN is the military of the STUN.

At war

The Coalition and the ASTUN have been at war for two decades.


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