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The Coalition of a thousand Free Worlds

A collection of tens of thousands of nations united in opposition of the STUN. A loosely bound collection of nations with a common goal.


A very loosely tied collection of states and nations on 700 worlds. Think the allies in WW2. Most have conflicting ideologies and goals otherwise, but most work together to accomplish the goal of toppling the STUN.


The infrastructure, industry, and general resources of over 700 planets. The Second Core is also controlled by the Coalition.


Formed some 30 years ago, it declared war on the STUN a mere 10 years after its formation, in 2856. It has been at war since.

Demography and Population

An even-ish split between biological and robotic humans. ~27.8 trillion population.


A large part of human space, the Second Core, and part of the Core Worlds. Primarily present in the outer rim.


A semi-professional army, composed of sometimes volunteers, sometimes not, from the member nations. These are arranged usually into their own communities, causing some damage to cohesion, which was never that strong.

Technological Level

Behind the STUN, though not by that much. The troops of the second core and other important areas are, of course, more advanced and equipped than others.

Foreign Relations

At war with the STUN. Maintains a loose control over the constituent nations.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Coalition
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Neighboring Nations


The Ak'Thakran Commonwealth is a central Coalition-alinged state in the region.


The Kingdom of Anakrion is a Coalition-aligned state.

At war

The Coalition and the ASTUN have been at war for two decades.

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