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Lunag Ri Base (lunag ri)

An half-millenium old military base in the Himalayas, abandoned during the fourth world war.

Purpose / Function

A military base. Had weapons, supplies and everything else necessary for a military base. Many of the weapons are still in the base. Served to assist armies during the fourth world war, by supplying resources needed to fight.


The place is a crumbling ruin, barely held together. Large swathes of the base are inaccessible, blocked off by collapsed tunnels, swarms of still-functioning nanomachines or killbots. Nature, the little there is, has taken over portions of the base, although being in a tall mountain, vegetation is minimal.


Rough, utilitarian concrete-equivalent. Generally grey. Exceptions are places that were once recreation centers, personal quarters, and the like. Scale ranges from large halls to small-ish corridors.


There were once functional turret emplacements, bunkers, and various other defensive installations. Most are not functional anymore, and those that are have either ran out of ammo or been corrupted in other ways.


The building was constructed way back in the mid 23rd century, and has remained in its original location. Back during its days of use, the base was used for resupplying the various military forces in the region, notably the pan-Asian Entente. It was the location of more than a few battles, but remained operational through all of them. The base saw a lot of damage, too, but nothing crippling, except for its final fate.   During a battle near the end of the theater of war, the base was assaulted by a much larger force than before, almost overwhelming the defenders. Still, they managed to hold out for some time, even with minimal resupply, as the base held considerable supplies and such. The final straw was when the attacking forces decided that they had been there too long, and unleashed devastating new technology onto the base. A swarm of nanomachines made to kill, with one purpose. Kill anyone and everyone in the base. So they did. Since then, the base has been forgotten by society, and the military leadership who do know of it are wary, as many of the nanomachines are still online, ready for their next target.


All but forgotten. No serious traffic or commerce have taken place anywhere near the base.
Founding Date
Military base / complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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