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Titanic Lance

A big, big ship. The posterboy of the ASTUN navy. Effectively one-of-a-kind, with only two or so of its kind built, and this one the only one accounted for. Serves as the flagship of the 1st ASTUN fleet, stationed at Earth. The official class of the vessel is Titanic-Class ultraheavy battleship.

Power Generation

Four antimatter reactors along the hull. Most are only there as backup, but are just as capable as the main one. The ship also has several large fusion reactors, in case antimatter is not available.


The ship, like so many others, has antimatter thrusters on both the front and back. Unlike most ships however, these are not arranged as a pair on both ends, and instead have four on both ends. There are also hundreds of smaller manouvering thrusters along the hull.   The ship has a class-43 FTL drive, which is necessary for such a massive craft.

Weapons & Armament

The flagship of the 1st fleet has a frankly apocalyptic level of firepower. The core weapon is a gigantic spinal coilcannon running along the entire length of the ship, capable of destroying entire habitats in a single shot, firing train-size rods at 10% of the speed of light. In addition, the ship also has four massive particle beam turrets, and several similarly sized railcannons. There are hundreds of other turreted weapons, ranging from railguns to plasma cannons to lasers, each very large and powerful. The ships also has thousands of missile pods, specifically the large variants, loaded with Antimatter.

Armor and defense

The Titanic Lance has absurdly thick armour and defenses. The outer layer is the Hardened plasma shielding. There are ten layers of shielding, more than nearly any other ship in existence. It's more than some very big space stations. Then, there is around ten straight meters of Carbon-Interlaced Aluminium Alloy, then a couple meter layer of water, then another ten meters of the alloy. This combination makes the armour near-impenetrable. To cap that all off, the ship also has thousands of point-defense weapons scattered along the hull.

Communication Tools & Systems

The comms systems are standard fare. Laser radio, normal radio, directed laser radio, the good stuff.


The sensors are also quite standard. Passive and active laser radars systems, gravitational sensors, infrared sensors, radio wave trackers, and so on. There's no hiding from the titan.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Being so absolutely massive, the ship houses an entire city's worth of auxiliary functions. The crew, a few thousand in size, has their crew quarters of course, but that aside, the ship can produce its own food, energy, weapons, repairs, ammunition, and so on, provided it has access to a source of ice and raw materials. It can even function without a source of antimatter, even if severely less effectively.

Hangars & docked vessels

Due to its size, there are entire shipyards present on the ship. These are mainly for repairing friendly ships, and can even hold a frigate, and repair a smaller battleship.
Titanic Lance
Overwhelming, Immense, Apocalyptic.
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