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Consentrated Research Institute

The CRI, or the Skoncentrowany Instytut Badawczy May or may not be an accurate translation, thank google translate in polish. It's near modern-Ryczywół, in Poland, and is essentially a big city dedicated entirely to scientific research and progress. In fact, it is the Sol system's most important place in that regard.


As with most of Earth, the population is primarily Human. In addition, due to the place's nature, it's almost entirely populated by scientists and researchers of various professions and fields. Whatever you can think of, and a lot you can't, is or has been researched here.


Part of the STUN, it has a board of directors responsible for its various affairs, composed of administrators and such.


Comparatively little. Where most other cities have even some defence guns or fortifications, this place doesn't. It has some, but not much. Instead, it relies on nearby cities and military installations to defend it, in turn supplying them technology.


Within the city proper, there's a lot. Most fields and such have their own areas, filled with labs, computing systems, and testing areas. From large arcologies testing all manner of plant-related stuff, to a reinforced blast pits and state-of-the-art detectors, there's a little of everything here.   That's not including all the auxiliary services, like the living areas and trade-related businesses, as well entertainement and other amenities.   The city's also swallowed not only Ryczywół, but also a town called Sokołowo Budzyńskie into itself.   The organization also manages other sites, outside of the city, like the particle accelerator arrays under the Mediterranean or the weapons test ranges of northern Africa.


Being the developers of state-of-the-art technology, the institute needs a variety of stuff and resources. The nearby states and places supply most of what they need, though they do need to go further for some more exotic materials, like FTL fuel, which is exotic matter, funny enough.   They don't actually manage selling that tech, since it goes to the STUN, which then distributes it to its constituent states. From there, it usually trickles over to other parties via trade or similar processes. It's also not like they're the only producers of tech, far from it.


Founded in the late 2100s as a small research outpost in semi-rural Poland, over 700 years it has expanded into a fully-fledged city, complete with all the features of one, but dedicated nearly entirely to scientific endeavours.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Ryczywół research town, Skoncentrowany instytut badawczy
431 000
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