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Artificial Intellegence

With fully sapient, human-level AI having been developed in the 2200s, they have become very common in human space. Around 39% of humanity is Sapient Synthetics. Artificial intellegence is classified into two main subtypes. Sub-human and human intellegence.   The human ones are classified as human, and have full base rights and restrictions, same as any biological human. Any artificial intellegence is tested for sapience via a series of tests, akin to the Turing test, but more advanced and thorough. Regardless of the position of a given nation or culture, these AIs are considered citizens by galactic law. These AIs are generally found in two types of physical forms. The humanoid forms, bipedal constructs with human features is the most common one. Size and shape varies, but due to standardization laws, these are split again into two types. Human-size, around 1.8 meters tall, and non-human size, generally 7-8 meters tall, though exceptions exist. The other form is much more broad, and encompasses all the integrated intellegences. These are, true to name, intellegences integrated into various systems. For example, most large spaceships are piloted by an integrated intellegence and a non-integrated one, biological or not. These forms are extremely varied, with often no separation between an intellegence and its partner system.   Sub-human intellegences are a broad term for all the various AIs in use without sapience. They range from starship trajectory calculators, factory overseers, maintenance droids, and personal assistants. They do not have rights, as most do not have any free will. These AIs are colloquilally also called robots. "Robot", to synthetic humans, is similar in meaning to "monkey" or "neanderthal" to biological humans. Not a slur per se, but can be used as one. It's more of a general insult.         reject sapience, return to robot


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