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Desterat ('desterat)

A barren rock with only a few habitats in orbit. Situated within the Omega-Delta 452 star system. The system itself is on the edge of the Dragon's Hoard Cluster, which houses some 127 billion people.


Roughly earthlike gravity, with a thin, primarily hydrogen atmosphere. Craters and valleys dot the surface.


None. The world is barren and dead, with nothing but rocks and regalith on the surface.

Fauna & Flora



Discovered in the 2300s, the world never got much attention. The only settlements are a few orbital habitats. During the final years of the Wars of Control in the fringe of human space, the world was occupied by Cellean forces. After the catastrophic military failure in the system and the following situation with Stringer and Mad, they came to the planet to conclude their duel. Since then, the planet's orbital inhabitants have lived a peaceful, out-of-the-way life, unaffected by the collapse of the Cellean empire.


Barely any.
Owning Organization


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