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Lanfal City (l'ænfɑl)

My pride and jewel... Lanfal City still remains? And... it's grown so much... Tell me, you two. How long have I been here? How much longer must I suffer this shame and indignity? I... I must go, return to my nation. This is long overdue.   Ah, of course, there are medical supplies in that cabinet there, for your friend. I wholeheartedly apologize for the injuries I have inflicted upon you.
Scintil Karkena, First King and Founder of Anakrion
The oldest, largest, and most important city on the surface of Ochtotne Prime, and the pride of the Kingdom Of Anakrion. Home of Quaken, starting point and generally vital place for the events of the main story, and current place of operation for both Stringer and Mad.  


Despite the name, originally called Landfall City, Lanfal City was not indeed the first settlement on the planet's surface. Aside from small research and terraforming stations, there was also a small fledgling city off the coast of Anakrion. The story of that is one for another time, but in short, it's no longer there, and Lanfal City is, in the memory of most, the first city on the planet. From there, it was used as a central area for planetary operations for the newly-founded Kingdom of Anakrion, expanding and growing over the years. A few decades before the main story, construction on a space elevator began, intended to lead to Torgallon near-directly.  
"You, Ms.Iongi, are a treasure. When I first arrived here, I had nearly abandoned the idea of ever eating proper, professional-cooked meals here. Nothing against synthetics, naturally, but that lack of a digestive system sure leads to a drab food culture. You're one of, what, three restaurants here? Well, 'restaurant' is inaccurate, but that makes it all worse. And what may the chances even be of you having a noodle stall of all things! I don't believe in divine intervention, and I certainly wouldn't deserve it, but this is all far too good a coincidence for me sometimes."
— Stringer, at the one local noodle stall.


The population, 1.25 million people, of the city is almost entirely synthetic. Of the more-than-a-million people, the amount of organic humans can be measured in the triple digits. This being the case, there is a distinct lack of many human-focused conveniences and services. Restaurants, bars and other food-related stores are largely absent, though not entirely, and many stores lack any sort of food sections entirely, often having far more spare parts and such. The majority of the population can trace their ancestry and family history back Cellea proper, and thus also to the Iberian peninsula and regions nearby back on Earth.  


Lanfal City is on a hill, near the middle of the already elevated Piso Alta region, in the middle of Anakrion. This places the city at about seventy or so meters above sea level. The area nearby is very flat and rocky, though fairly rich in minerals. Nowadays, there are plenty of roads and infrastructure around and leading out of the city, and some areas even have vegetation, though limited mostly to Steelweed, save for the city itself which has more proper gardens and parks.  

Architecture and Infrastructure

The architecture of Lanfal City is rather simple, and predominantly composed or rows of houses, especially near the center. Most are made of concrete with steel frames, much like many buildings today. The styles of decoration are usually fairly simple, and houses tend to painted in warm colours, often involving lots of browns and reds. The roads tend to be somewhat small, though larger ones for cars do exist, though are generally relegated to more dedicated routes for traffic. There are both railways, airports, and spaceports, though most are nearer to the outskirts, especially the spaceport.  

Notable Features

The most notable element of the city is the in-construction space elevator. Being near the equator, such a structure is easy enough to build. It's intended to reach all the way up right next to Torgallon, in geostationary orbit above the city. The presence of Mad's Organization and its base is fairly notable, though not for the majority of the populace; from the outside it seems to be a mere warehouse. There are a thousand other notable things in the city, from the rare example of a successful large church, that of the Star Seekers, to the ornate palace of the Planetside Governor, second in its magnificence to the King's Palace itself. The gardens, nearly the only ones of their kind planetside, are notable as well.
Founding Date
1.25 million
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"Isn't that beautiful, My King? A planetside settlement, at last. Small, yes, but it'll get there, eventually. I trust you in guiding our people, old friend."   "Please, Faestos. Don't call me King, it feels strange. You deserve as much of the credit as I do. Of course, I do not deserve the honour of involving myself with the planetside affairs. Not after all that. Perhaps I'll give you the reins of the city, I'm sure you'd make a wonderful regent."   "That would be nice, wouldn't it? Not yet, however; this city needs some time and direct decision-making before it can be handed over. It won't take long, though. We, Rexaen, are on the brink of a bright new future, for you, me, and the nation itself."   "At what cost, though..."   "It was well worth it."   "Perhaps."
— A conversation between first King of Anakrion Rexaen Prim and his confidant, Faestos Termen, circa 2694.


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