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Lanfal City (ˈlænfɑl)

"Lanfal City. A town in the middle of nowhere, on a backwater planet. As much as I do like it, my ambitions are broader. Torgallon. If only Faestos were not king."
The main character's home. Large city. One of the more notable cities on the relative backwater that is Ochtotne Prime, Lanfal City is only second in importance to the capital, Torgallon. It is both the biggest and first city planetside, hence the name, Lanfal, landfall, get it?


90 percent robotic, low immigration.


Standard fare, some defence cannons and airports capable of fighter launches. The location being on a hill is useful too.

Industry & Trade

Nothing special, though is the largest producer of sandskimmers in the cluster of fourty or so star systems, exporting a significant amount to Ak'Thakra. Being a big city, it still has a large amount of production, and exports a decent amount of it, some to even Torgallon, though not that much.


Big city, many connections. Houses spaceport with mild commerce. Not insignificant, but by no means significant. Roadways and such extend only a few kilometers out, as most of the planet is a near-barren wasteland. As such, sandskimmers are usually used to get from city to another. Has airport, although not very large. Is a pretty big city, with a fair amount of urbanization. There's even a skyscraper or two.


Industry, standard civilian amenities, all you'd expect. Home to a large majority of the planet's terraforming machinery. The nearby Dertii Mountain Range is a fine source of raw materials, though is overshadowed by New Suterr's production.

Guilds and Factions

Mad's Criminal organisation is based here, and has a significant foothold in the city.


Founded in 2697 by a group of synthetics, the site where Lanfal City would form was used as a base of operations planetside. With the advent of FTL travel, the rate at which new settlers arrived was drastically higher than anticipated. The city grew, and with terraforming operations only starting, the city had large domes over it. Eventually, these came down, as the planet became more earthlike.


Not very much, backwater planet.


Modern-ish, with classic style mixed in. As many buildings are made of concrete, the red-ish rock of Ochtotne Prime colours them a reddish brown.


The city is situated on a hill, near a few others. Some 250 kilometers away lie the Dertii Mountain Range, and around 600 kilometers away is the coast of the Anakrionian sea.


Founding Date
1.25 million
Location under
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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