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Mad's Organization

A criminal organization operating mainly on Ochtotne Prime and specifically Lanfal City. Run by Mad, and managed by four of his "generals", people with a high level of authority and influence. They report directly to Mad, and also manage separate "division" each of which in turn manage an aspect under them. While the organization is largely based in Lanfal city, it has outcroppings on Torgallon, Ak'Thakra, and even Earth, even if the one on Earth is just a small hideout, in an old base.


The leader of the organization, the topmost guy, is Mad. He's the founder, and generally manages the overall operations of the crime organization. His second-in-command is Anni, his daughter. While her selection as the second-in-command was partly influenced by familial ties, she does very much know what she's doing.   The organization is generally divided into four distinct divisions, each lead by someone called a general. These division function on their own and do all sorts of tasks, and most work largely independently. In addition, there's several specific squads dedicated to certain tasks, often lead by a division general.  


Division one
The first division is headed by Anni. It is the largest one, and primarily focuses on operation in and around Lanfal City. In total, there's around a hundred people in it.  
Division two
Division two is lead by Chaer, and handles planetside business not in Lanfal City, especially New Suterr. Total number of people is 60 or so.  
Division three
The third division is headed by Olitsionceda, and focuses on orbital operations, especially those in Torgallon. It has a suprisingly high number of people, primarily because Torgallon is difficult to conduct the business the organization does. That number is around 80.  
Division four
This division is by far the smallest one, as it handles extraplanetary affairs, primarily those relating to Jett. The isolationism of that culture, and the lack of most others in the Omega-Aerutka star system has lead to the small size of this division, at around 20. It also has no direct leader.   There are other, smaller divisions in the organization, but these are the main four, lead by the generals.  


There exist specific squads within this organization, dedicated to precise tasks. These are lead by the generals, and there's three of them.   The "Brute Force" squad: Lead by Division two's leader, Chaer, and focuses on, well, brute force. The main objective of this squad is to take down opponents and large groups that the assasination team cannot, or that need to made an example of. There are five members, including the leader, all of whom are experienced fighters in a variety of styles.   The assasinations squad is, true to it's name, for assasinations. It is lead by division three's leader, Olitsionceda, and has two other members. It focuses on pinpoint strikes at opponents and threats, often before they take any action.   The third squad is an unconventional one. It is lead by Gvanhla and has no other members. This one is focused on research and weapons testing conducted by the leader, and manufactures new ways for the organization to do what it does. It is also housed near full-time on Earth, in the Lunag Ri Base.  

Lack of rigid structure

Mad's organization has a major defining trait, very notably stemming from the boss of the group. It has a very loose structure, and individual groups within a division are very loose and independent. In fact, it is the reason the third squad can do what it does on Earth, over 300 lightyears from Lanfal city, and partly why the other squads can be lead full-time by the division leads. This structure also makes it so that Mad is one of the only things holding it together, and without whom it would splinter and collapse. In fact, that's the objective of the protagonists of the main story for that reason. A notable addendum to be made is that Mad himself often takes things into his own hands, from doing something the brute force squad usually does, to something entirely different, his lust for battle refuses to let him sit still.

Public Agenda

As a criminal organization, the goal is to make money. While Mad may despise unnecessary cruelty and oppression, his definition of necessary is nebulous at best; if it benefits him, it's fine.


Despite Lanfal City being the Kingdom Of Anakrion's shining planetside jewel, Mad's organization has remained active for a few decades now, even despite the size of it. This is partly due to corruption in the city's leadership, and partly due to the sheer strength of the organization. With both how many members it has and how many are capable fighters, it would require a significant military force to take down efficiently; something the nation can't afford with its ongoing cold war of sorts with New Suterr and its allies.


The Main Story covers Mad's organization's collapse and his death, roughly. In short, Stringer gets Quaken and the rest of the main gang along with his quest to kill Mad, and along the way they take out all the division leads, blow up a significant chunk of Lanfal City, and then kill Mad, effectively destroying the organization.

2862 - 2879

Illicit, Syndicate
Head of Government
  • Lanfal City, the home and most developed area of operation.
  • New Suterr, a less developed but still fairly strong contingent.
  • Torgallon, a small section, still expanding.
  • Lunag Ri Base, home to the research squad's one member and his creations.
  • Location
    Neighboring Nations
    Notable Members

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    Author's Notes

    So, the main story isn't quite finished, far from it. All of those <Name Undecided> things are, well, undecided names. Outside of Anni, I haven't developed any of the division leads yet. I'll get to that, and replacing the names... soontm.

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    Starfarer Theta
    27 Dec, 2022 02:21

    Never heard of this Mad's Organization before today, but apparently by virtue of having met the wrong person at the wrong time I'm now involved in their business. I still don't know exactly what, but they think I've got something. Lesson of the day, I'm going to try to keep to myself when at a market. Not that that's going to do me any good until I arrive at another world. Mad's is going to throw a wrench in my research plans.   But maybe there's an opportunity here. By "opportunity" I mean the one play that probably won't get me shot. Make myself valuable and garner favors. Then use these favors to get what I need so I can get away from them forever. Seems like a solid plan to me for all the time I had, I can hear someone knocking at the door right now. - Nemo, World Traveler