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Skejon (sˈkei:on)

Skejon Aesterinn

Skejon is the deuteragonist of the main story, and part of the main gang of Quaken, Jon, Tarno, and himself. Serves as both a trusted friend and close companion to Quaken, and is a parallel to his rapidly degenerating morals, never himself compromising his sense of morality.  


Ad Astra Per Aspera

Skejon was first activated on the spaceship-turned-habitat, the Ad Astra Per Aspera, above the planet Shiyoi, by a pair of largely unnotable synthetics. There he lived like any other person, joining the local Shiyoian military at the age of 30. From there, he would eventually join the 7th Shiyoi Thunderstrucks, and served in the unit for a while.   By his 80s, his parents had died in some conflict, and he had inherited the family's heirloom weapons. He would go fight in some regional war, get shot down, captured, and held as a prisoner of war for a few years, eventually being released with the war's end, and feeling he had nothing left on the Ad Astra, decided to instead wander human space, eventually ending up on a backwater planet by the name of Ochtotne Prime, in the 2820s.

Ochtotne Prime

Instead of living on a habitat or spaceship like he had done for most of his life, Skejon opted to settle in Lanfal City, on the planet's surface. He would live here, rather unnotably, for quite a while. He got a job as a surface-to-orbit-to-surface freighter pilot, ensuring a decent amount of wealth. Eventually, some 20 years before the main story, he would befriend one Quaken, a friendship that continued all the way to his end. He would also meet Jon, as well as Stringer, both a few weeks prior to the main story.  

Skills and education

Having joined the military in his 30s, Skejon doesn't have a particularily extensive education on civilian matters. He is intelligent, and knows a fair few things, but war, combat and military matters are where his skills lie. He is a very competent pilot, mainly with fighter craft, but the training he received involved smaller spacecraft as well, about the size class of the The Star-Reaver.  
"This ship is old. Really old. If I had to guess, it's at least three centuries old, maybe more. Hm hm, the interface isn't too unfamiliar to what I've used before, and it looks to have a pilot's plug connection point, that's good."   "I've made some other checks; the FTL drive is in good enough condition, and the numbers it's showing are acceptable. It works. Can you fly it, Skejon?"   "Yes, most likely. It'll be a bit for me to get used to the computers' architecture, but BCI connections haven't changed that much over the years, especially not with the age of this ship. It'll be fine. Probably."
— Skejon and Jon, discussing the Star-Reaver's condition while on the Void Traveller
  He is also fairly knowledgeable in mechanical stuff, military stuff more so, naturally. Most relevantly for the main story, he is a highly skilled fighter, and unlike, say, Jon or Quaken, has had a fair share of professional military training, though limited experience due to his chosen role in the military. Out of the main gang, he is likely the most skilled, though can fall short in other aspects.  

Physical condition

Being a few centuries old, and created in a relatively technologically developed region, Skejon's body is fairly advanced. It has strength and speed, though is not the most durable. His Form-plating is more durable than, say, Jon's, but falls short compared to Quaken, for example. He also has a Pilot's plug, allowing him to connect his mind to various systems, mainly vehicles.  


Skejon carries two roughly arming sword-sized weapons with him, both family heirlooms that he inherited. One is the saw-tooth sword, Orbital Strike, fashioned after the flames of an interstellar colony ship, and the other is the Arashi no Shiyoi (eng. Storm of Shiyoi), a straight sword made of a rare carbon-coated steel alloy, with exceptional craftsmanship.  


Skejon is a rather stern fellow, owing to his military background. Even still, since it has been a while since then, he isn't all about strict formality. He can and does crack jokes at times, but that military background does shine through in tougher situations, where he often manages to retain his cool exceptionally well, a trait he shares with Tarno. Does not mind things getting messy, and is very difficult to shake in most ways, again owing to his past.  
"We need to get moving, now, Jon! If we stay here in this warzone for a moment longer, we'll end up like the two we just fought; We won't see tomorrow. I'm not going to die on this sun-schorched desert just because you can't get over killing some guy, an enemy actively attacking you no less! Get yourself together, this won't be the first time this happens, I'm sure of it. I know you agree, so let's go. Quaken's waiting."
— Skejon, during the main gang's excursion to Khar'Ak 'Than

Main Story Relevance

Incredibly major spoilers for the main story.
Skejon starts off the main story as one of the first characters introduced. He is Quaken's long-time friend, and rather quickly introduces him to Jon, whom he befriended a few weeks ago. He also introduces the two to Stringer and his plan to take down Mad and his organization, largely kicking off the main story proper.   Later on, when the time for Stringer's plan comes about, Skejon, along with the rest of the main gang, Tarno now also included, travel to New Suterr. On the way there, he stays behind to watch the car while Quaken and Tarno check the Dertii Watchtower for a potential vehicle and/or way forward. Later, in New Suterr proper, he and Quaken go together to find Mad when the main gang split up. The end up fighting Chaer, and get tied up there while Jon and Tarno, and later Stringer, face off with Mad, who ends up escaping.   Later again, when they formulate a rough plan for assaulting Mad's base, they end up splitting up, and eventually meeting back up and facing Mad. Stringer fights him, dies, the main gang are allowed to escape, and the story continues. These bits are a little under development, but at some point Quaken sneaks into the base, gets intel on where Mad is, and gets out while being chased by the assassin man, who Tarno ends up fighting and killing with Quaken's help.   The gang then make their way to Torgallon, where they face a foe Tarno and Skejon fight, then later Tarno dies (likely to Rexilis, under development), and the gang leave. They reach Ak'Thakra, and Skejon and Jon get separated from Quaken and end up near Khar'Ak 'Than. From there, they make their way through the now-warzone of a city, fight some guys on the way, and steal a jetbike-thing.  
Skejon and Jon cruisin' by MadToxin
  Eventually, the reach the Void Traveller, link up with Quaken and find Nex there too, Rexilis shows up, the gang leave, the planet gets RKM'd, and they manage to get away. The next section is very here and there, but the main gang then make it to Earth from there. There, they face Gvanhla and Chaer, and end up fighting both them and Gvanhla's creations, Skejon going around generally assisting Quaken and Jon in their fights, and losing the Orbital Strike in the process. Both their enemies die, but Jon has to stay behind due to the damage he sustained, and the remaining two move on, back to Ak'Thakra.   In orbit of Ak'Thakra, they dock onto a habitat, and Skejon ends up getting captured for being now a wanted criminal in the Kingdom Of Anakrion. Quaken escapes, ends up making his way back onto the surface, and reaches the Void Traveller and Nex. From there, he then breaks Skejon out, in a currently poorly defined sequence of events, and the two make their way to Ochtotne Prime, where they end up boarding and fighting Mad's lackeys on the Stalwart Sentinel. Skejon ends up face-to-face with Anni, and fights her, doing decent damage though still losing, until Quaken shows up, and the two end up killing her.   But then, Quaken comes to the conclusion that he has to blow up half of Lanfal City to accomplish his goals (more on that in his character article, when I rewrite that.) Skejon, naturally, disagrees. They end up fighting, and Skejon, not quite as combat-capable as Quaken to begin with, and even less so now that he's heavily injured, loses, and Quaken destroys his reactor and power banks. Skejon dies, with Quaken sitting next to him, his best friend, for the last time. After a time, he decides to take care of his body via Spacing, to honour his friend.
Current Location
Date of Birth
2728 CE 2880 CE 152 years old
The Ad Astra Per Aspera, above Shiyoi
Place of Death
Aboard the Stalwart Sentinel, above Ochtotne Prime
Current Residence
Near Lanfal City's center
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Largely a dark, dull brown, with crimson accents
Known Languages
  • Shioyi's common language, a descendant of japanese
  • Galactic Standard
  • Anakrionian
  • Orbital Strike and Arashi no Shioyi

    Cover image: Skejon, again by MadToxin
    Character Portrait image: Skejon - Portrait by MadToxin


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