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7th Shiyoi Thunderstrucks (ʂioi)

"Fine, fine. I was in the ASTUN. I served in the 7th Shiyoi Thunderstrucks, a fighter squadron from, well, Shiyoi. That's where i got these codes. Looks like they still work."
A fighter squadron in the ASTUN. Originally from Shiyoi, the unit gained some success and fame among the local forces. The formation consisted of twenty people, one of which was Skejon.



Twenty people, most robotic.


Members were given a backup laser pistol for self-defense, if need be.


Twenty, plus three spare, Sitho-Class fighter jets, armed with a railgun and two rapid-fire coilguns, as well as some missiles. The jets have fusion thrusters, an Immersive Pilot Module, and a fusion reactor.


Follow higher-level command, whatever it may be.


As a fighter squadron, the main objective of the Thunderstrucks was to secure aerial supremacy. This was done by harassing enemy fighters and bombers, as well as destroying potential drop troops in shuttles and the like.


The group was formed on Shioyi, and served in the ASTUN, in deployments nearby. Notable contributions include battles on Smirtingrad, Trophy Akkan, as well as Trekondi. Skejon joined in 2758, and left in 2804.
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