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Answers to this prompt


by Qurilion

Singers of Gold

by thechangeling

Oubri-Douji Riders

by Damparo

The Cliffport Defense Fleet

by RPGDinosaurBob

Aerial Archer

by tjtrewin

Second Eastern Artillery Compa...

by SoulLink


by David_Ulph


by Naelin

The Icepeak Hull Breakers

by DwarfL0rd


by RiverFang

Fireball Frigates

by Kaleidechse

Rangers of the Reek

by eccbooks

Sand Crawlers

by AvalonArcana

The Hollow

by FiveFootSquare

The Latimer Hunting Force

by Michael Chandra

Devestator Squad

by Rashkavar

Exodite War Wagons

by Frogdrake

Overwatch Of The Refounded

by bugholders epiphany

The Fever Mounds of Glimmertow...

by Ononomad

Advanced Striker Unit

by Eallixy

Caač Slingers

by Tuisku

Dandara Militia

by CassandraSojourn

Heroes of Denema

by ynix

Iteron Bolas Fleet

by Michael Chandra

Leonerd's Siege Engineers

by Worldkeymaster

Spirit Warriors

by Anpumes

the mages of the Great Circle

by LauraVAB

Wand Bearers

by hughpierre

12e Korps Veldartillerie

by Jacob-W

Duvin Axe Throwers of Voas

by Urania

Genecan Dragoon

by Neal_For_Real

Griffon Guard

by DapperCapricorn

The Drunken Archers of ebrius...

by Sjorsjd

Volcanologist Squad

by Lady Grayish

1st Wabrook Mountain Lions

by Beowulf68

7th Elm prime defense fleet

by kaibrightwing

Amherstian Spring Trapper

by frotierkilla

Berittene Bogenschützen

by Jonnyjoh


by Monkos

cemuins meu /ˈkemuins meu/ or...

by Lillithwolf


by CorsairAquilus

Coppercog's Catapults

by WillCarter

Crimson Eye Orbital Laser

by Gapsule, Ruler of Flying Battery

Cú Gcnoc Glas

by xtremepsy


by KalebClint

Dalian Sharpshooters

by Taicanium

Emswortian Phrenasters

by SilikG

Escargo- Calvary

by The Clayman

etrist meu /ˈeːtriːst meu/ or...

by Lillithwolf


by Alresu

Gregoreich Jaegers

by ChroniclerKira

Griffon Scouts

by NorthWhiteWolf

Harpoon gunners

by 1029Gibsy

Haverthorn's Ballistae

by Mad Smerinoff

Hive Crowd Supression Drones -...

by kdgillespie14

I Cavalieri reali di Draenesi

by thegrult


by Mr. Reload

Magefire Operators

by masullid

Mazdak's Own

by Martin Ice-Bourne

Meckelorn Bat Bombadiers

by Scalenex

Nocni Jeźdźcy

by Lacrosse


by Racussa


by DaDude123

Runic Bowman

by LordGalakrond

Runswick Marksmen

by 5Point


by Wordigirl

The "Third Army"

by Matsls

The Bellows

by BrandedTales

The Dragonlance Elite

by Hegemon

The Flame Throwers

by BasicDragon

The Rod Lancers

by Moondare

The Singing Avalanche

by duchessofmuffins

The Swarm

by dschbach

The Unseen

by Vaz9422

War Towers of Agoioven

by Corvo Branco

Zero cool Patrol

by Valcin

幻 砲兵, Maboroshi Hōhei, Phantom...

by GodIsASerb

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