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Dandara Militia

The Dandara Militia are freedom fighters within the Children of Zumbi. Although some have experience with fighting and weaponry, many began as recruits who had never held a sword before. Their name originates from the wife of Zumbi, who was known as a famed warrior.   The primary drive of the Dandara reflects the goals of the Children of Zumbi. Notably, they are focused on cutting the head off of corruption through directly engaging with Phasmatum Peacekeepers and wealthy enterprises they deem criminal. Though originally thought of as a nuisance by the Peacekeepers, Dandara fighters have began inflicting chaos to their troops and have since been classified as a radical anarchist organization.   Dandara fighters meet nightly in the Samhedi Plateaus for Kilombo (war camp). While there, recruits and soldiers train for tactics, while selected members patrol the streets of Sikel City. Patrollers are typically broken up into two groups:  

Defensive and Offensive Tactics

  Defensive patrol members will go into their local neighborhoods and search for criminal activity or Peacekeeper brutality. When innocents are is at risk of harm, they will protect them against the threat. Offensive patrol members seek pre-ordained targets. Often heavily-guarded items or secret meetings. Missions vary, but may include:
  • Gathering intel
  • Stealing resources, weapons, or wealth
  • Breaking up illicit meetings
  Dandara patrollers are known for publicly humiliating Peacekeepers. When besting them in battle, they leave them with nothing and tied up in public places in various districts.   Although the Peacekeepers are far better trained than the Dandara, the Dandara are able to overcome them through guerilla attacks, random acts of chaos, and varying tactical plans so that the Peacekeepers are always on edge. They typically attack from a distance, rather than in melee range, and will employ smoke bombs to hide their movements.  


  The Dandara Militia is known for its use of axėwork weapon forging, which was developed through glass and metalworking members of The Children of Zumbi. Instead of infusing whole Branstones with brane energy, they distill it through tiny particles in the stone and sand that they melt. The result is a delicate blend of magical energy that disperses over time. This method only works with small items, as in larger weapons the brane would be too spread out to create any real magical effect.   Because Dandara Militia members often lack the years of hand-to-hand combat that trained fighters receive, they are known for their use of short-ranged weapons. The Dandara primarily use throwing knives and slingshots when attacking and defending. Additionally, many wear knife wrists that they can use as a melee defensive if their enemy gets too close.   Axė Orbs are hollow glass marbles two inches in diameter. They are a one-time weapon but cause fractional damage. When they come in contact with a person, they shatter, resulting in an area effect of magical energy. Depending on the Brane energy infused, they can cause ice, fire, or necrotic damage. Although it is possible to lob them by hand, Dandara patrollers are trained with slingshots in order to increase impact and accuracy. Axė orbs are stored in specially designed cushioned packs in order to minimize accidental explosion. Each pack can house five Axė Orbs. Patrollers will wear three packs on each side of their waist, for a total of thirty orbs -- ten for each kind of damage.   Axė Throwing Knives are created through melting the iron ore found in the Plateaus with the naturally occurring Branstone dust. The knives have three curved blades that help distribute the weight, while also ensuring that it will hit its target. Knives are twelve inches long and nearly as wide. The technique used allows for the absorption of Brane when the knife pierces. So in addition to physical damage, it will also suck away some of the Brane energy the enemy combatant has stored. This causes their powers to weaken and may even temporarily stun them. Because the Brane dust particles are so minute, the energy stored is not able to be used. Instead, it dissipates back into the M-Brane Realm. Essentially, the throwing knives act as a filter. Knives are around twelve inches long and nearly as wide. Throwing knives strapped on the back for easy release.     Learn more about ancient African throwing knives. Axė throwing knives are smaller than the video below. However, it was inspired by a similar version of this knife.  
995 AL
Overall training Level
Simple Slingshot
Wrist Knife

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