Brane Filaments

Brane filaments is the scientific term used to describe the element that phasma are made of. Colloquially, it is referred to as magic or power, or shortened to brane or filaments. Brane provides phasma with the ability to defy natural law. Humans have learned how to harness brane in order to create magic of their own. The brane filaments can be stored in branstones, which are mined in various locations around the planet.   Individual filaments cannot be seen by the naked eye or even a microscope as they are present on the quantum level. However, if there are enough brane filaments in a species' subatomic particles, a residual iridescence glow can be seen if using Second Sight.   Although brane filaments are the building blocks of the phasma, under close study it can be found throughout all flora and fauna. Plants which have higher concentrations of brane are often used by both scientists and herbalists when concocting medicines and potions. Although their methods of discovery differ.   Scientists have discovered the Kuvonee possess a middling concentration of filaments in their cells. They believe this is the reason for their empathic powers and longer lifespans. Many scientists speculate that the next evolutionary step for the human species will result in the same.  
Unwinding Filaments   Unwinding filaments is a common term used for the process of removing brane from creatures. This typically involves some knowledge of the Phasma Arts. It is most effective when using on phasma as they have the ability to increase their concentration of brane filaments when traveling to the membrane plane. However, forcefully unwinding filaments or unwinding filaments too rapidly can result in their death.
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