Children of Zumbi

The Children of Zumbi is an activist organization founded by Octavia Calixte Taio of the Buffalo Clan.  

Background and History

  The Children of Zumbi was founded in 994 AL when Octavia was seventeen years old. The Buffalo Clan is one of the smallest Totem names in Sikel City and Octavia's family lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods. At sixteen, her mother--along with two other community members--were killed in a blast of Brane as a result of illegal use by a prominent member of the Rooster Clan. The man behind the attack was not immediately apprehended by the Phasmatum Peacekeepers. Octavia spent months advocating for his arrest and trial. When the Peacekeepers finally relented, the man was judged without guilt. Although Octavia had always known about the stratification between the clans and the disparities between neighborhoods, this was the first time she understood the true dark underbelly of Sikel City.   Inspired by the stories of old that her mother had told her about the world before, Octavia formed the Children of Zumbi as a way to fight back against oppressors in Sikel City. In particular, the Rooster Clan, the Peacekeepers, and all who were complicit in the disparate justice.   The original members were some classmates; however, Octavia began giving impassioned speeches in public spaces. Her oratory skills, along with the truth of her words, resonated with the lower class and the organization's numbers expanded rapidly. Although the Children of Zumbi originally operated in public, they were forced to go underground after Peacekeepers branded them as a radical terrorist organization.  

Member Goals

  • Equal Representation of all Totem Name Clans
  • Blind mercy and justice without regard to Totem Name
  • Disbandment of the Paramount Chief
  • Removal of the Peacekeepers from Sikel City and surrounding Ginen Region
  • Equal distribution of illegally-acquired wealth from the Rooster Clan to all forgotten communities


  The Children of Zumbi originally fought for the completion of their goals through protests and member petitions, in hopes that the public pressure would give way to changes in Sikel City. However, they soon realized that the vast majority of people were complacent with their place in Sikel City. Those that remembered the Red Quake War did not want a repeat. Many in lower classes believed that they could strive to a higher class through connections and marriages of their children. Some felt the same sentiment of The Children of Zumbi, but feared repercussions from the Peacekeepers.   After the Children of Zumbi were forced to go underground, they changed their tactics. Rather than oratory arguments and appeals, their methods transformed to guerrilla warfare on Peacekeepers. They formed the Dandara Militia to target Peacekeepers that abused their power and upper echelon criminals whose activities were largely ignored. The Children of Zumbi would take whatever weapons or riches those they attacked had. They used ten percent of the wealth found to fund their operations. The rest was for distribution among the communities. Beneath another name, they opened a local community center that provided food and resources to those in need.   In addition to using the wealth of the so-called corrupt, the Children of Zumbi began operating illegal mining expeditions in the Samhedi Plateaus. They sold Branstones at a competitive rate, sticking to people in their communities. They also forged weapons using secret techniques which relied on Branstone-infused sand and stones.  

Meeting Locations

  The Children of Zumbi originally met in a large grotto found in the Samhedi Plateaus. As their numbers grew, they made connections with local business owners who allowed them private spaces to conduct smaller meetings and recruitment activities. However, they still store most of their resources in the grotto and many members are advocating to make their own community in the Plateaus, leaving Sikel City behind entirely. Member meetings are dubbed Kilombo (Mbundo for War Camps the Children of Zumbi consider themselves in active rebellion against Sikel City.
Founding Date
994 AL
Political, Activist
Formation Type
Related Ethnicities


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Oh I love that it feels like a story instead of just an article. The morph from protest to violence is very believably (that's a word, right?) written and It's creation and purpose are very well laid out.

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Everything's a word if you say it enough. And in this case, believably is definitely a word. I'm glad you liked this. I just finished NaNo but I'm not very happy with the tension. This prompt was perfect help. Of course I'm already taking the story in a completely different direction from what I've written. But that's life.

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