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Overwatch Of The Refounded

The Overwatch Of The Refounded is a small-scale defensive group that is aligned with The Refounded. Composed of a group of men and women trained by James Volkov, they have served as warriors for protecting those within the walls of Moonblight and other cities within The Refounded as needed.



As of right now, the number of people serving in The Overwatch whom have received plenty of training total up to 35, of which are made up of varying genders. There are 3 individual members who are still being trained by James, all of which are close to being considered worthy to be fully-fledged members of The Overwatch.


Each person in The Overwatch are given a bow, a quiver of arrows with heads replaced with Edenite of whatever Elementia of their choosing, a Serrated Boomerang with whatever Edenite Elementia they desire, and a emergency knife.


Each member of The Refounded are each given the same amount of training from James, composed of the skills he had to learn on his own or through whatever books he managed to find. The training includes survival in the wilderness, extensive combat lessons, and how to fight defensively and quickly in certain situations. The training is rough, sometimes even brutal, but the people involved come out far stronger than they were initially. Noteworthy people who have received his training are Robyn Shepard and the man who would become the Holder Of Wrath.


The founding of The Overwatch began three months earlier in January, when The Refounded had received word of the destruction of one of the Frozen Core's strongholds from a hoard of Living Ice. James Volkov, having finished work on a particular weapon, the Serrated Boomerang; realized that the same situation could happen to those not just in The Refounded, but those within other groups throughout the frozen wasteland. With that, he decided to begin training some of the strongest men and women he could find in the cities belonging to The Refounded; getting help from Adrian Briggs in getting these people.   For the next eight months, he would train a growing amount of people in the same survival and defensive skills that he grew up learning. When these people were ready, he would create a Serrated Boomerang for them to use as well; alongside a Magnetite glove that would allow them to pull the boomerang back to them. These boomerangs were immensely useful for those who were properly trained in their usage, allowing the wielder to throw their weapon; hit a target with it; then pull the weapon back into their hand. The other skills they were taught, including the usage of bows and Edenite arrows; relying on their senses over anything; and how to wield a shield, helped them become well-trained warriors that could defend their home from anything.   Their training would pay off rather well as; on December 3rd, 2004, the Stampede Of Ice occurred. The blizzard that occurred that day, as well as the numerous amounts of Living Ice, threatened those living within Moonblight's walls. It was thanks to James Volkov's training that they were able to succeed. After that, The Overwatch were made into the official guards of those within The Refounded, helping to protect the cities from disaster. Occasionally, he will also teach someone outside The Refounded his skills, allowing them to spread to the other regions in the frozen wasteland.
The Overwatch, James' Squad
April 23rd, 2004
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