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The Singing Avalanche

Far in the West, in the high Eel Spine mountains, the Shintomi Empire guards itself from the outside world.  Along the tops of its imposing outer walls stand a guard that, at a moment's notice, can be mobilized into a ferocious onslaught without ever leaving their posts.  These are the Shintomi Singing Avalanche warriors.   Each woman stands beside a contraption that looks like a huge metal longbow perched on a flat metal foot, a 90 degree angled piece of metal welded to the bottom point of the bow itself.  Each bow is set into the wall so that it slots into a special gap already molded into the battlements.  Each archer has another mechanism, like a metal claw with two hooked fingers and a thumb, which they use to latch onto the metal wire that stretches the length of the bow.  They then slot a long arrow with a metal tip that is slightly blunted, and use the metal at the bottom of the bow to brace themselves with one foot as they lean back into the other foot, pulling the string back with a strange humming, ringing noise, which gives the archers the first half of their name.  Each arrow they shoot is aimed either down at the ground or up into the mountains themselves which show the impact of these arrows in huge impact marks in the stone.   As enemies approach, the archers have two options.  Either shoot down at the attacking army, thus killing them outright but not using their speed effectively, or shooting into the unstable mountainside, causing devastating carnage but blocking that entrance to the city and forcing rationing within the city as the trade route is temporarily destroyed.  This is where they get the second part of their name as, more often than not, they are commanded to cause the avalanches.   This is a relatively new military structure within Shintomi, introduced by the last Empress Yuna III, who became obsessed with using the natural surroundings of Shintomi to their military advantage.  The current Empress, Hayumi II, still employs her mother's tactics despite advisors warning of the catastrophic damage such a method is causing to the city itself.  The time is constantly ticking down as the Singing Avalanche archers continue their brutal tactics of destroying the surrounding mountains for the sake of stopping invaders, however small.



100 archers stand at the walls of the Empire, rotating between bows throughout their shifts.


The Singing Bow, their Claws (attuned to each archer)
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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