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Crimson Eye Orbital Laser

Describe a military unit in your world that is famous for its unique ranged weapon.   The Crimson Eye Orbital Laser, or simply Crimson Eye, is a spaceborne weapon of mass destruction. It orbits Mobius-2 at a height of 50 km and is positioned in a way that its orbit crosses over every point on the planet. It was created in 2090, right in the middle of the Interplanetary War, and was used for planetary defense until the end of the war. Crimson Eye is a cylindrical robot with one large red eye in its center. On the outer shell of the robot, there is a sort of track that the eye rotates on. The eye follows any target that it's set to, and has a zoom-in feature so powerful, that it can zoom in on one room in a building. Red Eye has two platforms, which extend from its main body when astronauts are sent for maintenance. The robot is suitable for interplanetary use, and, when needed, can be attached to a CC5 "Crimson Comet" rocket and boosted to another orbit. The Crimson Eye is a derivative of another robot, called Red Eye. They are part of the same surveillance robot family, but Crimson is more technologically advanced than Red. Red Eye was put into service in the year 2050 and served loyally for 40 years. Unfortunately, in the year 2086, Red was struck by a stray piece of debris and was knocked out of commission for a long time. It was under maintenance for an entire year before it could be operational again. By this time, the government of the United Zones had begun to look for new technologies to replace the old and damaged Red Eye. The UZM Department of Defense called upon the ISAJPL to build a new surveillance robot, and they quickly took up the offer. For one more year did Red Eye continue to serve the empire. In the year 2089, Red Eye was placed into a decaying orbit and was destroyed upon atmospheric reentry. The year after, Crimson Eye was launched as Red Eye's successor, and there it stays up to this day.


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