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The Rod Lancers

The Thane's army is composed of warriors from Alven's twenty-nine clans and when assembled is a formidable force to be reckoned with. Above and beyond the clan warriors, the Thane can count on a professional army, The Host of Morgan, the national army trained and led by The Arkivon.

Drawn from the brightest and most gifted elements of the clans, the Arkivon members fulfill many functions within the clans' government.

Archivens are divided into circles whose job it is to oversee the running of Alven. Circles are divided into the functions they serve: finances, army, navy, alchemists, stargazers, divinators, historians, etc. See The Arkivon for more detail on this matter.

As per most organizations in Alven, the Arkivon is also a religious organization, and the circles were created to worship a deity from the Alven pantheon. Circles are said to be under the protection of the deity they venerate.

The Host of Morgan

The Host of Morgan is the armed organization of the Arkivon and the elite army of the Thane. It is under the protection of Morgan, the goddess of war and The Underworld.
To enter the order, one must pass a series of tests. Once selected, the young Arkiven-Squires or Outriders endure a three-year training in one of the regional training camps, called a Ravens' Roost or Roost for short.

Once there, the young clansmen and clanswomen will be assigned a specialty. Most acolytes become part of the heavy or light cavalry which form the lynchpin of the Alven offensive. Others will dedicate their life to non-martial pursuits such as finance or science.

There are a few more specialized corps within the Host. One such squadron is the very powerful and crucial Rod Lancers.


The Rods of Powers

As the legend goes, the Rod of Power were gifted to humans by the the Ancestors when clansmen arrived from Hearth at the dawn of times. The rods are powerful magic energy weapons that wreak havoc on enemy lines, and only humans who have inherited DNA from the gene pool of the Ancestors can wield the magic weapons.

Usually - but not exclusively - magic wielders are found in the family of chieftains of the clans. It is traditional for chieftain's sons and daughters to be screened for their magic potential at an early age, and a magic wielders will often be the clan choice for chieftain, especially if he is male.

The office of Thane was established a millennia ago, granting some stability to the ever warring clans. However, after several bloody succession wars, the Arkivon was created by the then Thane Thingor Gremane as an impartial authority to decide on matter of justice and succession. At that moment, the power rods still in the hands of individual clans were 'gifted' to the Arkivon to be used for the defense of the clanlands. The use of the rods was forbidden in intestine clan fights and wars.

At the moment, the rods of powers are only to be used again the enemies of Alven and cross-border wars. This is for that purpose that the battalion of the Rod Lancers was created.

The Rod Lancers

The Rod Lancers are an elite cavalry battalion made up of Alven's magic wielders instructed in the use of the power rods. In order to wield a rod of power, not only do you need the ability to do so, but you also need to have knowledge of the runes inscribed on the rods.

The Words of Power are different for each of the 30 rods in the Arkivon's possession. Each lancer of the order only knows the words to one or maybe two of the rods.
The Words of Power are one of the best-kept secrets of the Arkivon. Only the Eorl of Morgan at the head of the Host and the Thane will have access to the Book of Runes where the knowledge of the incantations is being kept.

Unfortunately, out of the 30 rods now in the hands of the Arkivon, two are silent. The incantations linked to the runes engraved on their silver sheath has been lost over the millenia.

The Rod Lancers are the shock troop of the Alven army, and to this day have remained undefeated in war. It is true that the clans of Alven have been enjoying an unprecedented period of peace for the last two centuries. The rods have not seen any action for a long time.

The Rod Lancers: Organisation

Because the Rod Lancers are such an important part of the Alven armies' firepower, the 28-strong rod wielders will have protection around them in battle.
The battalion is thus composed of:

  • 28 The Rod Lancers

  • 56 Front Dragoons: two elite cavalry soldiers dedicated to protecting -with their life if need be - the rod wielder they are assigned to (their personal bodyguard)

  • The Rod Battalion: a 100 or so strong regiment who will flank the Wielders and the Dragoons and offer protection from the rest of the opponents' armies

  • Rod Lancers: Hierarchy and Titles

    The Eorl of Morgan  is the head of the Host and the Rod Lancers' commander. During the battle, the Lancers will only take direct orders from him. He is one of the few people to have access to the Word of Powers.

    The Chieftain of the Wielders - the Chieftain is in charge of the 28 rod wielders and their direct support, the Front Dragoons. The Chieftain of the Wielders is a very thought after position - when awarded, it confers the same rank and powers as clan chieftain.

    Overseer of the Rods - The Overseer is in charge of the Rod Battalion. Under him, will be several Leader of the Rods, each in charge of between 30 or 40 cavalrymen.

    The Rod Lancers: Uniform

    The colours of the uniform of the Rod Lancers are bright red, gold, silver, and blue. The choice of bright and specific colours is deliberate. For clansmen, to be able to see the 'Rods' in their midst while the battle is raging around them, is a sign of hope and strength. Furthermore, gold, blue and white are the colours of the Thaneship.

    Rod Wielders:
    - traditional fitted gold plated helmet with a red plume- short red and mid blue overcoat for men, slightly longer and flared at the waist for women
  • gold plated very short and light cuirass with two metal bands attached to the front of the cuirass - the metal bands will hold the rod at the side or the back of the wielder

  • pale-coloured leather, long boots

  • Front Dragoons
  • Same as rod wielders but the overcoat is all red.

  • Rod Lancer Battalion

  • - Same as above, but the overcoat is all blue.

    The Rod Lancers: Barracks

    The Rod Lancer are stationed in Highfort, Alven's capital and the seat of the Thane and the Archive. A huge training and housing facility was built on the immense grounds of The Thane's Keep in the north of Highfort. The military barrack is commonly known as The High Roost.


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