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Leonerd's Siege Engineers

Some of the more famous architects and engineers come from Leonerd and they have built several famous buildings in both their country of origin and beyond. Even the great Valdenwhik was built by a combined effort of Dwarven and Leoners engineers.
This is why the Leonerd's Siege Engineers became a strong opponent during Nekuram's invasions and during times they had to defend against The United Kings Council, due to their capability to build fortifications faster than many other and operate siege equipment with expertise. They even carry smaller versions of the ballista and the stone-throwing launchers called "Calcul lancer" into battle.



The engineers are a small unit of about 350-400 men plus an additional 100 carriers and supply caravanners. All of them hails from Leonerd and many have been in this unit for generations, even after the fall of Leonerd.


Much in the way of equipment comes in building materials for camps and fortifications that the unit is capable of assembling within hours of gathering it all together. There are, for example, a common pool of construction tools of hammers, saws, pickaxes and spades that is for everyone in the unit to use. While the unit has its internal grouping there has always been importance to the versatility for all to be able to build most of the plans assigned to them.
The building of heavy equipment like catapults and siege towers has been a main task for the unit. But in the latter days of Leonerd there lied a new task for them in repairs and rebuilding efforts during Orfordwhelm's attacks on the country. This continued after the fall but mostly concentrated on rebuilding old forts and defensive lines in Orfordwhelm.
In ways of armour they most likely to carry leather and iron brigandines then any medium or heavy armour. This is to not be slowed down but also to quickly move away from potential combat that they are not needed in.


While assumed as mostly a support unit, they can be able to defend themselves with both their own weapons of war and martial skill. Many still carry swords and shields into battle but most of the time they are found in backlines with their creation of a hand-carried mini-ballista. Capable of shooting father than many bowmen, the ballista needs a person with really strong arms to pull it back into firing position but has a devastating effect on those who are hit by the larger bolts.
There is also the unique stone launcher called the Calcul lancer. This weapon is a hollowed-out wood structure with a wide, elastic band made out of Heffle skin. This is capable of launching stone projectiles like the mini-ballista with deadly accuracy if in the hands of a well-trained man. But like the mini-ballista, it needs a strong-armed man to pull back the band, although a new variant exists where it can be pulled with a cog-mechanic.


Commonly when they are on the battlefield the unit stands back to use all of its ranged capabilities. Most of the time they are gathered by catapults and other constructed equipment that needs certain expertise to be used and launches volley after volley.
When placed in the frontlines as a missile unit, however, they many times are in a "scattered line" formation. This means that they usually stand in two, widespread lines with their weapons prepared for firing. They launch the first volley at oncoming enemies and if an infantry line is charging them they are more likely to pull back then stand and fight. If not charged, they are opted to harass and damage enemies with their continued ranged fire until ammunition is needed or other changes like the aforementioned charge.


Historical loyalties

The Siege engineers hail from Leonerd, today a province and occupied area of Orfordwhelm. The engineers have historically fought for Leonerd and its kings but also for their original Guild of Stoneworks that was widespread in Leonerd. The guild had a long history before the creation of the engineers but according to claims, the engineers was created when the guild itself was threatened with destruction at the hands of infighting and war. To combat the threat the engineers assembled their own unit to battle enemies of the country. This loyalty moved overtime into the military unit that became the Leonerd's Siege Enigineers.
Overall training Level
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