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Leonerd was a country in the southern part of Telamirein that was known for its architectural art and great stoneworks. Their most known work is the enormous gates that separates Telamerein and Marlun that was built together with the Dwarven kingdom. Among the most notable accomplishments, it was one of the first nations to join the Council of Four Kings and longest surviving nation and country with history dating back until the early age of human history, up until it was annexed by Orfordhwelm's great army after a revolution failed to take effect.

Stone by stone, surviving Leonerd have.

Around 466 V.D - 1989 V.D

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Yxernslätt (Name of the region by the country of Orfordhwelm after the annexation)
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The official currency was the Lavir like many other nations or the Journ, the nations own currency.
Official Languages

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