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There are few people who don't know how to speak Lavi. I believe it is because it is the language that the Gods use to communicate and thus when they created us, we have it imprinted in ourselves. Lavi is the universal language for all of us, Human, Demon or Dwarf.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Speaking with foreigners can be a hard task for anyone but on Nimenra Lavi has always been the language for communicating. It is believed that Lavi is the "language of the Gods" and that is the main reason it has survived. Many languages have in someway a relation to it; Nekurith, the language of Necur, has strong similarities in some wordings or alternative words for things. Nirlandi is the most similar of all the Human languages since The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans have a strong connection to Lavi, overall Lavi has a strong connection to the region that the country is located. Marluni is the best example of a child language to Lavi. Marluni has evolved in Marlun where Lavi for the longest time has been the main language to communicate with. A speaker of Marluni and Lavi understand each other but some Marluni words are different due to the incorporation of Nekurith and Erwfiren vocabulary.


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