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The Council of Four Kings

The Council of Four Kings (or originally The United Kings Council, which it is still called on paper) is a pan-national organization that was once formed to fight and contain the demon nation of Nekuram and secure the Marlun region for humanity's use.


As the Incursion of Demons in Marlun continued and violence escalated, the nations of humanity in Telamirein decided that the loose organisation that was created against the first Nekurian assault was to become a permanent alliance to keep Nekuram, and in the larger picture demonkind, away from Marlun. The first business was to create a hierarchy for the alliance, which fastly descended into infighting due to no nation wanting the other to be the leader above others in fear of that nation seeing the others as their territory and recourse to be used. Instead, the leaders at the time decided that a loose organisation was better until the situation was more stable and the nations could agree. It would be another 30 years until the leaders came together, some not even being the same as the last meeting, to discuss the alliance.
It was decided that no nation was to be the leader. Instead, an elected marshal would be in charge of the alliance's military and the finances of the alliance was a treasurers and chancellors job called the The Treasullor of the United Council. Both parties were under the direct command of the council as a whole but they both were given a lot of power to use in the times of war against Nekuram.
The Treasullor of the United Council has the job of managing the finances of the alliance and heading the council meetings if the leaders didn't meet and instead sent their ambassadors. While seeming like having a lot of power, he is almost always the lesser of the two leaders, since the marshal had command of the army. Most of the time the Treasullor is more of a diplomat than a financer or uniting figure because the nations and countries of humanity would be at war or otherwise in dispute with one the other if not fighting a united war against Nekuram. Several times the Treasullor have been executed by his countrymen for "insubordination" or "treachery against the country/state" in these kinds of conflicts when the Treasullor wanted to stop the infighting. The Treasullor is the only permanent member of the two leaders.

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Founding Date
1548 V.D
Political Alliance/Pan-national organisation
Alternative Names
The United Kings Council
The Treasullor of the United Council
Marshal of The United Council
Offical Languages
Recognized Languages
The Marshall of the United Council is more of the leader than the Treasullor. He commands the army and is the uniting figure most of the time for humanity. As the head of the army, he has also many eyes on him since he is heading an army that usually contains all the countrymen of enemies and friends alike so that he doesn't get any bad idéas. The voting on who is to be the marshall has always been a question for the larger and stronger nations. All the generals of a country are eligible but some are better than others as seen during some of the middle-period wars and battles where Nekuram has defeated armies with their brute strength despite a well-organized human army or the time when a marshall was the brother of a king and lost due to the fact that he didn't even participate on the field of battle.
After the two highest-ranking members they both got their hierarchy, with the Treasullor having mostly the ambassadors and lower-level servants and the Marshall having generals and complex army levels.
Most of the time in the army, they keep each country's system for each regiment and detachment so no conflict is created around that point. This has created some issues with who is in command of some armies when the marshall is not in command but in the end it migrates the thought of having more trouble with the already unstable army composition.


As a pan-national alliance that includes all the nations of humanity on Nimenra, The United Kings Council has quite the treasury and resources at their disposal when war with Nekuram is on the horizon. All of the equipment, troops, other materials and money is collected and/or given by the countries, partly as countries are supposed to give a 1% of total collected overall taxes to the alliance. Most notably they are having their very own fortification that is directly owned by the alliance, The gates of Valdenwhik. These gates were built for one purpose; keeping the demons of Nekuram away from the countries and nations of humanity. It also serves as a point of organisation and gathering for reinforcements which countries send from time to time.
Around 1500 to 2000 troops are permanent troops in service of the alliance plus the Treasullor's guards and household. All of the other troops and materials are received from participating countries when war is dawning for humanity.


Around 1400 V.D, the first hostilities began with Demons from Nekuram that had moved away from the territory claimed by Nekuram in Marlun's southern parts and started to build small communities. Humans had already since before 1200 V.D their own communities in the center and northern parts close to the Oscurlong Pass, which was the only way connecting Telamirein to Marlun if one were not go over the Dwarven Kingdom's territory. As the demons and humans came closer and closer together, clashes began to be common happening. It got only worse when eventually Nekuram decided to attack northwards with an actual army. After the devastation of Glarn, the many countries and nations of humanity united in a pact (since many were not the best of friends) against Nekuram but not an official alliance. As clashes upon clashes were becoming more and more devastating for both sides there was an eventual peace after the death of the third Demon King. At the same time, Orfordwhelm decided to invade Paranvir which made a pan-nation war impossible to keep fighting. As the dust settled and countries finding a small time for peace, the question of who was to keep Marlun came about. Before allowing themselves to succumb to war again, the former leader of the short pact/alliance, Hector Eeserand, approached with the argument that they had to decide without war and hostility becuase otherwise the bigger problem, Nekuram, would solve it before them. 1546 the kings, queens and other leaders of nations meet in Nilaminra's capital since it was the closest to neutral grounds and closest for many leaders to travel. It would take an additional 2 years before the decision was passed to create The United Kings Council which would be a permanent pact to fight any Nekurian invasion of Marlun and contain them to their part of the continent. Before any longstanding decisions were made, a new war started with Nekuram 1578 and the alliance was put to the test, as many smaller nations were brought to financial ruins since they invested a lot of resources in the war. Fearing new opportunistic decisions from Orfordwhelm Nilaminra and The Kingdom of Ravero sent armies to defend these nations which then escalated into new troubles between the three countries. But after a horrible defeat 1603, an official ceasefire was forcefully signed by the three countries after the threat of a no-passing-rights by the Leonerd, Willrowia and Paranvir (and Scalermo which many considered too small to have a say in the matter) that was between them and the Oscurlong Pass, the only way for the countries to participate and fight Nekuram.
In 1628 both sides had tired themselves out, Nekuram had lost three kings and several thousands of troops while the human countries and nations were once again in severe problems of their own, a new ceasefire was enacted and the alliance was decided that they had won again. A continuous cycle of on-and-off warring between Nekuram and the Council would continue on up until The Great Quakes when no ceasefire was necessary for both sides to back down.

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