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Oscurlong Pass

Oscurlong Pass is a valley and mountain pass that opened about 600 years before the conflicts with Nekuram started. It is believed that the pass always was open, but that none dared to pass through the great cliff walls that surround the pass in fear of monsters or other evils.
Alternative Name(s)
The Long Pass, Mars Pass
Mountain Pass
Inhabiting Species


Cliff walls surround the pass that is higher than many humans will ever see. At their tallest, the walls are probably 50 meters from the ground up to the lowest with 20-25 meters. According to people calling themselves "geologists", learned of earth, the pass in naturally formed due to the possibility of a weakening in the rock formation of the mountain many ages ago, which have been speculated by even dwarfs. Either way, "the Long Pass" as many call it for it takes one day or more to pass through, is the only connection between Telamerein, where the human nations and countries are, and Marlun if not counting the dwarven way to the west.
The overall geography is a dangerous one, big rockfalls are frequent enough to kill at least 500 people a year if you are unlucky to happen upon one. Also, the movement of the earth, quakes, makes these rockfalls unpredictable. Another danger is rain can create mud falls and large flows of water can run down the pass' many cavities. Very little grows except small patches of grass and thorns, possibly a badly grown tree on a small hill. As the mountainous and rocky terrain leaves little to allow growing, no one lives in it except at each end of the pass.  

Flora and Fauna


What is there to expect of a cold rocky place? The small patches of grass leave nothing to expect, perhaps some small tree or thorns has grown on the side of the smaller hills or been lucky to take rot and hangs above the pass. The ground is of no use more than being rock and stone to walk on.


Even for such barren place as this, in the small pass, there are native animals that have sprung up over the years or those who have adapted. Wild goats of different sizes keep to themselves on the hillier forefront for the walls. The giant batlike creatures that are native to all of the mountain regions on Nimenra are a menace when darkness descends during the nights, which creates another reason for why armies and people should only pass through during the daytime. Their numbers, however, are not of to much concern in this parts, which worries mages and other learned people, for when a creature like that seems to stay away, what makes it do so from an easy target? There are tales of people who have begun to travell through the pass and are never heard or seen from again, with no traces at all of them except for wagons and tools left behind...

Natural Resources

While the pass is traversable, it has little to offer in terms of resources. There are foolish humans who have had the idée to look around in caves and mine holes left by their forebarers. Some have found that the mountains have rocks, rocks and more rocks... But few tell stories of finding small gemstones from the pass' western side but no one has ever confirmed such stories.

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