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The Treasullor of the United Council

Yes, some might say "he who is choosen to be Treasullor of the United Council is valued as much as a shoe" in Orfordhwelm, but neither they or the The Treasullor themselves have realize the power that they can eventually command and that shoes are what protects their feet from harm.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
There are titles that consist of power and wealth in all of Nimenra and one that was supposed to be so was the Treasullor. The title as the second leader of the United Council and their armies have had many failures of power and many are more humorous to the position despite the commanding powers that they have.


While some say anyone can be the Treasullor, there are qualifications that are sought after. A way with numbers is one of them, since being partially a treasurer at the same time as a chancellor is in the title itself. Another is patients and willpower to stand the task of being the one responsible for the finances of the united army, and temperament of the four kingdoms. This is why many nobles and officers are fearful of being assigned to the post, as they will be responsible for a pan-national organisation that is under constant watch and scrutiny during the war with Nekuram.


Behind a Treasullor should be some sort of merit, if not close to a requirement is that you been a military official. The merit can be that you been a trusted official in any other way, but many are chosen from the armies of the large countries participating in the alliance.


In the past after the death of a Treasullor, the leaders of the countries would try to elect a new from any of the participating. Instead of an election, the appointment has become one that cycles between the major countries. The cycle started with an Orfordian leader, the next is a Telar, Nilaminran and lastly Raveren. Some smaller countries have had appointed Treasullor.


As the only permanent leader of the organisation, Treasullor on the paper had a lot of room to demand support from the countries. This power has been limited over time due to mainly fear of repercussions and the loss of life that has happened from time to time when the Treasullor has tried to enforce peace. This has made the alliance ineffective at times, only to be improved when the seriousness of threats is taken by the leaders or others within the countries. The main duty and responsibility of the title are that of finances for the alliance and to head the council meetings. While not a political leader, they are considered the diplomatic one during these meetings. The title also is seen to be one of a military leader, that duty is reserved by the Marshall of the United Council during war with Nekuram.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

While a lifetime appointment, several times the Treasullor have been executed by his countrymen for "insubordination" or "treachery against the country/state". This has been due to the fact that he tries to do his duty of keeping the alliance together. Many of these have also been from Orfordhwelm... According to the documents, only when the appointed is misusing finances and neglects its responsibilities, there are grounds for dismissal. Rarely this has been done and those times it has been during wartime.

Notable Holders

Hector Eeserand (Unofficially) - military leader of the first alliance against Nekuram, started the process of creating the United Kings Council.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Close to cermonial
The Treaty of United Alliance for Malun, 1548 V.D.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Chancellor of the Council
Source of Authority
The kings/queens/leaders of the countries alligned to the United Council
Length of Term
Related Organizations

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