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Marshal of The United Council

Few wield the military power of several countries and stay sane... Even fewer have successfully marshalled all that power to defeat their intended enemy...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
There are few positions that wield power larger than even the leaders of Telamirein. That is what the Marshal of the United Council does. Also known as The Marshal of The Four Kings' Council, the title is given to a military leader of high rank within one of the four main military powers in the alliance that is The Council of Four Kings. The person chosen is given the full authority to demand support from the various countries in the alliance to aid in The War for Marlun.  

The Marshal Above Kings

While in reality the Marshal still adheres to the kings of the countries or their envoy at the Council, the Marshal wields a lot of power over the countries. When chosen it is his duty to amass forces from all countries depending on the threat that they face. While Nekuram have had varying strength over time, it usually escalates to the point of tens of thousands of men and women being called from all over Telamirein. The title gives also the full authority to judge subordinate officers and even regiments incapable or unsuitable when they arrive or are assembled. This has led at times to prolonged assembly times so that momentum is lost or never found.
Second to the Marshal is the The Treasullor of the United Council who in comparison does not have the same amount of power. That is why the Marshal position is highly sought after by selfish military minds across Telamirein since having the title and doing a great job can lead to a hefty pension and lands after a war has been "successfully won".
To even qualify, however, one has to have military experience or some sort of military merit. The Council have never accepted a inexperienced marshal since the thought of Demon incursion on the soil of Humans is more threatening. This is also why money or favours is close to impossible to wage the election in one person's favour, due to the kings of various nations decide the position. The position also rotates most of the time between countries when there is a need for a Marshal of the United Council. The various generals (or rather, the highest representative of a countries army) that are in service to the Marshal can elect to force the Marshal to relinquish the position if they see him as incapable or otherwise conflicting with their position.
At the present, Nekuram had not attacked since 200 years back. The last Marshal was long since dead and all the one that had served since too. That was why the position remained unheld up until Arthon's attack on Glarn and the start of the current war for Marlun. This is why there was a high demand for the best of the best military leaders. As the Treasullor was from Nilaminra, the choice fell upon a man from either the Kingdom of Ravero, Kingdom of Telaron and Orfordwhelm. The choice, however, was quite clear in the eyes of the kings and The Nini as they needed a man who could also quel the problematic nature of the military squandering. Sherm Frust was elected, although against Orfordwhelm's wishes who still put forward their own Duke Geren.
Current Holders
Related Organizations
Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Report to
The Kings and The Nini of the Four Kings' Council
The cycle of Marshal appointment goes as followed, Orfordwhelm, Kingdom of Telaron Nilaminra Kingdom of Ravero, if not elected.
Generals in the duty of the Council can also force a Marshals resignation if they see him as not capable of the task at hand.

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I think it makes sense to have a united front against the Nekurum and to ensure that the leader is the best qualified for the position. It’s interesting to learn tidbits about the different kingdoms through these articles.

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