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Sherm Frust

Few stand tall as the Valienherr Sherm Frust in battle. He has lead soldiers in several skirmishes and battles and is an accomplished tactician in the larger scale of battle. Among all in the army of the Council of Four Kings, he has the most experience and was always best suited to be the Marshall of the United Council. I do fear, however, the capabilities of their new enemy as they ride into battle... Frust has a real challenge ahead of himself.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A stern, fair and respectable figure from the Kingdom of Ravero, Sherm Frust is a general in the Renvaren Army and the current Marshal of the United Council. Frust is a well-rounded leader and practical with the factual state that The Council of Four Kings' army is currently in and able to lead all of the multi-country army against Nekuram and their army. He alone have quelled many conflicts through his leadership, both in the renvaren army and the Council's.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sherm Gerald Harold Frust was born to the nobleman Herman Frust and his wife Sherridan. Early in his youth Sherm was placed at the military academy to learn the ways and art of war according to himself. At the same time, he was also schooled by a family tutor who thought him Lavi, Nilander and Erwfiren during his fifteen year-long education amongst the common etiquette and noble duties.
From the age of fifteen and on Frust was, to begin with, a man-at-arms to a neighbouring count until he rose quickly to become a knight in their service at the age of 28. He would leave their service only two years later and return home, only just before a massacre was orchestrated on the count and his family, leading to the Hall War in Ravero. Frust participated with his father in this short conflict. Unfortunately, his father Herman died during this conflict. Frust took his fathers title as a baron and, due to his accomplishments in the war, Count of Steerndum in the western plains.
Following this Frust would fight in the typical small skirmishes against bandits and rule to accomplish more stability in the region of his king, Anselm Lionhiro. These actions lead to Frust climbing the social ladder in Ravero and also eventually the army as he took more and more time to it. His biggest interest and pastime at the time was wargames with other noblemen and officers and he had already developed a keen thinking mind for tactics from a young age. These characteristics lead to him being soon colonel over several standing regiments of soldiers at the age of 35.
In 2521 at the age of 36 Frust married a Wanerian born woman Elina Wenchar. The celebrated event was even attended by king Anslem himself and other important figures in the government. It is said that during his wedding, Frust was in full armour due to having to ride off to inspect the troops soon after. Frust would cherish the time he had with his wife as he took his military duties seriously. This, of course, hindered a lot of this cherished time but those who saw them in those days say that they were happily married despite their differences.
Some years after the marriage Frust partook in the feudal council of the realm when a large Jorvikan raid attacked the north with full might. Rather than to allow the normal procedures of calling in the levies and all the freemen to defend the realm, Frust marched into action immediately with his retinue and the fast assembly of freemen under other officers that followed him north. Among these officers was a young Gregory Sacreo, who would forge a long-lasting friendship with Frust. The battle that was initiated due to his actions is said to have hindered a larger-scale conflict as several tribe chiefs that cooperated died in the battle. For his actions, Frust was to be awarded a higher title. This, he declined as he said it was only his duty. Instead, he was given the rank of general and the honorific Valienherr and at the right time it seemed as a Nilander force marched into the territories of Minrans owned by Ravero.
As it turned out to be, this was a provocation attempt by an angered military official in the Nilander army. Frust was dispatched with an army and defeated said officer, who was promptly executed later on.
As Frust's career continued, he would fight against Orfordwhelm which tried to attack the Kingdom of Telaron in a attempt of conquest. This sparked the meeting between the eventual ally Duke Geren from Orfordwhelm on the battlefield. Both showed great and unnatural respect for one another after the first major battle between their forces.

Frust's Unknown Youth

While much is known, much is also not known of Frust's past. Most comes from himself and from word of mouth by his aged servants (or so it is thought). As the only son of Herman Frust and Sherridan, Frust always stood to inherit the castle of his father. However, his parents were old at the time and there have been speculations that Frust might not be the baron's son or that he was born out of wedlock. These obligations are slanderous and something that carries a lengthy burden of evidence against such a man like Frust.
On top of this, Frust's childhood, especially his knowledge of Wanerian myths and his tutor's mysterious disappearance soon after his fifteenth birthday raises the suspicion on him even more as there are little to no one able to confirm how he was thought such great skills as a child and accomplished both his academic and home studies.
A more dangerous and scandalous thought is that Frust might have known, or even been responsible, for the late count of Steerndum's death and the massacre of his family. Since he was the last known person close to the count and... alive, Frust stands as a mysterious survivor of what could have ended him.
Whatever is the case, Frust's past fades with every household servants death or the few that lived at the time...
Later on, when the new king Wallis Lionhiron was crowned, Frust was chosen as a Crown Bearer during the coronation ceremony in 2532. It seemed like Frust's accomplishments would never end.
This was true in a sense. As Nekuram under the leadership of Arthon rekindled the flames of The War for Marlun in 2542, Frust was elected the Marshal of the United Army by the kings of Telamirein and The Nini. Frust now leads the forces and have struck a vital victory in Battle at Tellmenn and march his forces aided by the Heroine of Reliona Amy and the full forces of The Council. What awaits them in Glarn only the Gods, and perhaps other vilanous forces, knows...
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
2485 V.D. 58 Years old
Long, streaked greying chestnut hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White (Sun-tanned)
90 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
The Council of Four Kings

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I think this character makes a great Marshal and his noble duty personality shines through. I am interested to know more about what happened in his past. As it is quite the juxtaposition as to his current description.

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I am too interested to know more about him after writing such a mysterious past for him. As he is explained now is enough for me and my novel writing.   You could say that the choice of Marshal went to the right person this time compared to... other times. Let's just hope it remains that way for the future as well. War tends to... change people.

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